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1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Slaton ripped for smoking cigarettes & ‘putting kids in danger’ in new pics from Florida vacation

1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Slaton ripped for smoking cigarettes & ‘putting kids in danger’ in new pics from Florida vacation

AMY Slaton is being slammed online for smoking cigarettes after her drastic weight loss.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star is vacationing with sister Tammy in Florida.

Instagram/amyslaton_haltermanAmy Slaton was slammed for smoking a cigarette[/caption]

Instagram/ amyslaton_haltermanFans are concerned about the effects on her children[/caption]

New pictures of the sisters have been posted online.

In the first, Tammy, 36, was sitting in a wheelchair in an airport, busy on her phone.

The second snap showed Tammy joined by Amy on a boat ride.

The sisters are each smiling and holding one of Amy’s young kids.

But the third photo received the most backlash – a pic of Amy sitting outside, sucking down a cigarette.

In a Reddit chat room, fans were appalled.

“Amy really needs to stop smoking for her kids if for no other reason,” one person advised.

Another added: “I am disappointed to see Amy smoking. Being overweight is hard enough on the body but smoking is just an added layer. I hope she can quit.”

While a third stated: “Smoking anything is bad for you no matter what.”


In March, the 35-year-old had a cigarette in her hand while posing outside her $76,000 Kentucky home.

Amy seemed keen to hide the cigarette from the camera, holding it close to her side and almost out of shot.

However, eagle-eyed fans still managed to catch a glimpse of it and urged the 1000-Lb Sisters star to quit the unhealthy habit.

One wrote in the comments: “Ugh don’t smoke! I lost my mother to cigarettes. Don’t put your children through that! They need you.”

Another added: “Smoking is a slow killer she needs to stop!”

After some fans defended Amy, one user reasoned: “It’s more about Amy’s health.

“We all want her to be healthy and able to raise her boys. It’s not a judgment, it’s out of concern.”

Amy has two sons with her ex Michael Halterman – Gage, two, and Glenn, eight months.

Last year, she admitted she was still smoking while she was pregnant with Glenn but was planning to quit.


Meanwhile, Amy continues to flaunt her drastic weight loss – while wearing a teeny tiny black bikini in a new video.

Amy was spotted during her trip to Pensacola Beach in Florida.

TikTok user filmed the 1000-Lb. Sisters star as she stepped onto the hot sand as the waves came crashing in.

The TLC camera crew followed Amy as she flaunted the back and leg tattoos on her bare skin.

The crew pointed their cameras at Amy as she teased her bikini body.

The reality star soaked up the sun while modeling a two-piece swimsuit.

The TV personality has been showing off the results of her weight loss journey after dropping about 125 pounds so far.

When the TV star first appeared on the program, she weighed more than 400 pounds.

After having gastric bypass surgery in 2019, the mom of two dropped to around 275 pounds.

Instagram/amyslaton_haltermanTammy Slaton was back in a wheelchair[/caption]

Instagram/amyslaton_haltermanAmy and Tammy took the kids on vacation[/caption]

TikTok/mamatgar50The sisters were seen filming on a beach in Florida[/caption]

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