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DJ Khaled surfing accident: What happened to the rapper?

DJ Khaled surfing accident: What happened to the rapper?

DJ Khaled has hit the headlines after getting caught up in a bizarre surfing accident.

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened to the rapper.

Getty – ContributorDJ Khaled had a nasty accident while surfing in Florida on Saturday[/caption]

What happened to DJ Khaled?

DJ Khaled, 47, was reportedly “in so much pain” after suffering a fall while surfing in Florida on Saturday.

The rapper posted a video of the nasty accident on Monday which shows him casually cruising in the water before he’s launched into the air while tying to stand up on his board.

He then posted a clip giving fans details of the accident while getting a massage the following day.

What has DJ Khaled said about his surfing accident?

In the clip he said: “I have the footage of me falling, flying through the sky, hitting the board on my rib. Bellyflopping in the water.

He added, “I’m in so much pain.”

“I called a doctor, he’s gonna come later on this evening, just to make sure it ain’t nothing serious,” he said while laying on the massage table.

“My masseuse is saying it’s just the muscle. She feels the muscle really irritated and disturbed in that area.”

A few hours later the All I Do Is Win rapper posted another update of him getting an X-ray.

He said: “I’ve been in pain, I’m hoping it’s just a bruised muscle.

“The pain is high level,” he added, before expressing his concern to his doctor about getting back on the golf course, insisting he needs to be playing “seven times a week.”

How is DJ Khaled doing now?

The rapper gave an update to his concerned fans the following day while on the golf course and said: “The doctor said I got a big, real bad bruise.

“They said on the bone they’ve seen a little line on one of the bones.

“They’re not sure if it’s a fracture. They’re going to double-check. So I do need to rest it up, but I have to play golf,” he added.

“For a lot of reasons: for my mind, for my peace.”

Khaled still managed to find the positive in the unfortunate situation, even as he played through the pain.

“It’s actually making my swing super smooth cause I’m scared to hit it hard because of my pain,” he said.

“I’m smiling even though I’m in pain. That’s how great golf is.”

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