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Britney Spears’ fans think singer is finally releasing comeback album after producer posts then deletes ‘clue’

Britney Spears’ fans think singer is finally releasing comeback album after producer posts then deletes ‘clue’

BRITNEY Spears has fans convinced that she’s preparing to release a comeback album after the spotted a telling sign online.

The pop star has not released a full-length album since 2016.

GettyBritney Spears has dropped a major clue she’s releasing new music[/caption]

Instagram/breatheheavyA producer posted and deleted a pic claiming he was working with the star[/caption]

Music producer Caleb Stone posted a photo of himself alongside Stargate – a well-known producer duo – and dropped a huge hint about Britney’s musical future in the post.

The photo showed the trio smiling together in front of what appeared to be a tufted wall of some kind.

The original caption read: “Spent the last 9 months in the Siberian alps making beats for the new Britney Spears album w bros @stargate – big tings coming.”

Caleb deleted it shortly after, but not before a fan account could get a grab.

The original post was reshared on the fan account with a lengthy caption asking fans for their thoughts on potential new music to come from the Toxic singer.

It read in part: “Britney has said on multiple occasions she quit the industry. However, in 2022 she collaborated with Elton John on ‘Hold Me Closer.’”

Fans appeared to be in support of the idea for the most part.

One commenter speculated: “She is def up to something. Her Instagram is literally just a distraction, so she is left alone, there is a reason why no one’s seen her, because that’s what she’s wanted. She wanted a year or two for herself, and she’s gotten it. People have so much expectations from her, she needed to heal, and she has through her music.”

A second fan wrote: “I don’t see why he would be lying to be honest. I think it’s real and he might have gotten in trouble because maybe an album is being made secretly.”

A third fan suggested: “Britney could be making music for the fun of it and if and when it’s released she won’t do what the industry has told her for years she had to do which was Promote Promote promote….She could have it released out into the world and then go on with living her free life doing as she pleases.”

Another skeptical commenter wrote: “Does…Britney know about this?”

Someone else commented: “I 100% believe it. I have a hunch B is about to hit us with B10 next year.”


This isn’t the first time such rumors have swirled.

In fact, back in May the U.S. Sun exclusively reported that Britney was back in the studio working on a massive new duets album.

The news came after the wild success of Hold Me Closer, which she teamed up with Elton for in 2022.

As previously reported, Britney was said to have a lengthy wishlist of potential collaborators.

The list included Dua LipaAriana Grande and Sam Smith – three musicians who have previously said they’re big Britney fans.

A music insider said: “Britney will not go out and promote anything current, so a duets album is a good way of her avoiding having to do any promotion while still getting the tracks played around the world.

“Britney loves nothing more than releasing music, so this is a way she can keep relevant while allowing her the time to work out how she wants to take her next steps.

“Each day is being taken as it comes, and this is a very low-risk way of staying connected with her fans while also opening up some amazing collaborations.”

There was also some buzz of a potential collaboration between the pop princess and Katy Perry, Kim Petras, and K-pop superstars BTS.


In the meantime, Britney is working on her upcoming memoir and trying to get it released.

The Louisiana native intends to tell her story once and for all in a new book but it’s said to be presenting some problems for publishers.

Executives are reportedly concerned about how much of Britney’s recollections and claims about her life will be released in the book, which is due out at the end of the year.

One of the main concerns publisher Simon & Schuster apparently has is Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, who they fear is likely to contest several of her accusations of abuse and mistreatment.

The pair have been at odds for years, even though Jamie insists he “saved” the singer as she suffered mental health issues in 2008.

During her conservatorship, Britney openly alleged abuse by her dad and that he cashed in on her career – claims that Jamie has denied.

Associates of Jamie claim that he will not “simply let his daughter write what she wants about him and destroy his reputation.”

Britney’s family also has concerns about the upcoming book.

The award-winning musician has a complicated relationship with her mother Lynne Spears and the book isn’t helping mend fences.

They recently shocked fans by reuniting for coffee but folks close to Britney say they’re a long way from being healed and the memoir could cause more issues.

Las Vegas business associate was more downbeat about Lynne and Britney’s reunion last month.

Candidly addressing the moment, he said: “Years of distrust does not go away after a 15-minute coffee.

“We have lived this experience for a long time with Britney. She can be absolutely painting her mother as the devil to anyone that listens, and then they’d be together at Planet Hollywood.

“The trauma that girl has faced over the years often resurfaces and she vents at Lynne. Britney sometimes sees her parents separately in terms of how they affected her life. What’s certain is that Jamie remains the focus of her anger.

“Britney reckons Jamie destroyed her teenage years and wants to exact payback for what she felt was an unlawful conservatorship.

“Britney felt Lynne was central to her conservatorship falling into place after her hospitalization.

“But Lynne’s involvement in supporting her to be freed from the conservatorship was important to Britney.”

“And let’s not forget Britney is writing her memoir, which she vows will speak about her issues with her parents. So Lynne had an interest in finding out what her daughter is going to write about them,” he included.

The business associate continued: “Forget the ‘wounds healing’ stuff from Britney. She has undergone a form of PTSD and found writing about those traumas, where they were at her side. There are many layers to Lynne and Britney’s relationship after years of friendship, mentoring, distrust, dislike, and fighting, which continue to play out.”

In addition to fielding concerns about her book from family, Britney is busy battling nasty rumors.

Her ex, Kevin Federline, previously claimed that he feared she was using drugs.

Britney hit back, claiming she was “sad” about the comments.

She then released a racy new video showing her twerking, suggesting she was unbothered.

GettyBritney hasn’t released an album since 2016[/caption]

GettyIn the meantime, she’s fielding concern about her memoir and rumors from her ex Kevin Federline[/caption]

Instagram/britneyspearsBritney has responded with a sexy twerking video, suggesting she’s unbothered[/caption]

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