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Sister Wives’ Meri Brown shows off much thinner face in new photo after major weight loss

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown shows off much thinner face in new photo after major weight loss

SISTER Wives star Meri Brown has given fans a glimpse at her thinner face in new pics amid dramatic weight loss.

Following her divorce from Kody Brown, the TLC personality has undergone an incredible transformation.

Instagram/therealmeribrownSister Wives star Meri Brown has flaunted her serious slim down[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/justjennreallyShe posed for a photo with a friend, revealing her thinner face[/caption]

Meri, 52, appeared in a photo alongside pal Jenn Sullivan.

The pair appeared to be outside in the snap, smiling while posing alongside one another.

The Sister Wives star looked significantly slimmer in the photo, especially in her face.

Her short brown hair with blonde highlights was down and flipped out at the ends.

The style emphasized how skinny her face appeared.

Meri had on a pink T-shirt that appeared to be loose-fitting.

Her life post-divorce has involved some dramatic changes.


Earlier this month, Meri opened up about some of her personal struggles in a TikTok video.

The video also appeared on Instagram and in it, she confessed to feeling insecure.

Meri was seen wearing a black T-shirt with her hair pushed back by a pair of glasses sitting on top of her head.

It was clear in the clip that she was struggling with some painful emotions as she held back tears.

She began the video by repeating a quote from Mel Robbins, a motivational speaker, that states: “There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”

Meri went on to say: “I think so many times we let the voices of everybody else but ourselves get in our head and influence what we think and how we feel.

“I think it’s really easy to let social media comments or just other people’s opinions affect your mood. Affect your productivity.

“And I’m here today to tell you, that I have not mastered this. I don’t have a magic formula, and outside voices still get in my head.”

Meri captioned the video: “No magic formula. Just feel all the feels. #WorthyUp #GreatnessBeginsToday.”


Fans praised Meri for being candid with them about her personal struggles.

One wrote: “This is the best I’ve seen of you. Raw and honest. Not guarded. That’s the best you. Stay raw and honest. Shoot from the hip.”

Another commented: “I admire the grace and how you handle some of the nasty comments…regardless of whether or not you’re in the public eye you’re still human and those trolls seem to forget that…”

“Thank you for your thoughts. I can say that I struggle with negative self-talk and it is a daily struggle,” added a third. 

Someone else wrote: “It must be hard to be judged so harshly. People who only see the edited version of your story. It’s easy to say ignore the haters. Doing it is a lot harder.”


While she was certainly seemed to be dealing with something difficult in the clip, fans couldn’t help but notice that she looked great.

Meri was glowing in the afternoon light as she filmed herself sitting under a tree.

Her hair was combed to one side and she appeared refreshed and relaxed.

Meri’s eyes shined and the natural lines in her face perfectly suited her face.

She looked slimmer than usual in the snap.

TikTok/@therealmeribrownMeri has been opening up to fans as of late[/caption]

Instagram/therealmeribrownThey appreciate her candidness and have loved seeing her transformation[/caption]

TikTok/therealmeribrownMeri has undergone a major change since leaving Kody Brown[/caption]

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