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RHONJ star slams Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix and co-stars for ‘hate’ toward Raquel Leviss in controversial post

RHONJ star slams Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix and co-stars for ‘hate’ toward Raquel Leviss in controversial post

ARIANA Madix and her Vanderpump Rules co-stars are facing backlash from one RHONJ star for their treatment of Raquel Leviss.

Dina Manzo, who left the Garden State Real Housewives franchise twice, has shared her thoughts on the fallout from Scandoval.

BravoVanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix has been ripped for her treatment of Raquel Leviss[/caption]

BravoShe and her co-stars laid into Raquel over her affair with Tom Sandoval[/caption]

After part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion aired, showing Raquel joining the cast to share her perspective on the cheating scandal between her and co-star Tom Sandoval, Dina took to her Instagram Story to share her thoughts.

She posted a clip from the show along with her “unpopular opinion” about how the cast treated Raquel.

The 51-year-old wrote: “Unpopular opinion….but how on Earth is it ok to promote this kind of hate?

“I understand the hurt and they have every right to feel these emotions but this is so weird.”

Dina went on: “Let’s ask ourselves why this is so ‘entertaining’ and literally everywhere from the White House on.”

A screenshot of the Instagram Story was posted on a Bravo-themed Reddit page where fans and critics weighed in.

One fan suggested: “I think Dina was speaking more to Bravo and the media’s promotion of Scandoval at large.”

Another commenter chimed in: “Agreed. And I agree with her.

“The fans and the media have gone way too far. I understand the outrage at first, and I’m on Ariana‘s side, but this is too much. People are acting like they got cheated on. At the end of the day, we don’t know these people.”

That fan concluded: “God forbid someone hurt themselves. We never know what could happen and the constant hate 24/7 from all sides for weeks would make anybody go nuts.”

A third commenter wrote in part: “I’m not sure it’s specific to Ariana or more so the fact that Bravo and NBC is encouraging everyone to gang up on Sandoval and Raquel in a hate campaign all of that over cheating. Again CHEATING.”

One critic wrote: “I find this annoying. Reality TV would be boring as f**k without drama and if everyone was just nice to each other. Also this was filmed 3 weeks after the affair came out and she was betrayed by her best friends and 9-year partner. Ariana is allowed to be angry.

“And all of them signed up to be on the show, no one forced them. Raquel’s seeming lack of [empathy] would f**king infuriate me. I’m over people acting like Raquel did nothing to deserve the vitriol she got.”

Another agreed, writing: “She’s only allowed to be angry in the very specific way they want her to be angry. Grant Raquel grace for 7 months, but deny Ariana for 7 hours.”

A third hater wrote: “How was this too much? First time Ariana is face to face with her friend who carried on a 7 month affair with her boyfriend and life partner of 9 years and some of you think it was too much? truly not grasping this at all.”


While Dina and some fans were critical of the treatment of Raquel and Tom, 39, others were praising Ariana for going high when her ex went low.

During the third and final installment of the VPR reunion, the Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras frontman made an extremely personal dig about having sex with Ariana.

She masterfully responded with a tongue-in-cheek business venture.

The shocking moment came when Tom was asked if he had slept with anyone else during his affair with Raquel.

The star said no, despite some of the other cast members bringing up that they’d heard rumors of other flings.

Ariana quickly jumped in, saying: “You know who he did sleep with after he and Raquel started sleeping together? Me.”

Tom disparagingly replied: “Yeah, she kept her T-shirt on. It was really hot.”

Ariana and her co-stars quickly laid into Tom, with many branding him “disgusting” and warning Raquel: “This is your future.”

However, Ariana chose to find the silver lining of the situation and took to Instagram to advertise a new T-shirt inspired by the moment.

The tee featured a graphic of Ariana eating a grilled cheese sandwich, with bright red writing spelling out: “F**k me in this T-shirt.”


On Twitter, one person preempted Ariana’s move: “Ariana – release merch that says “this is my sex t-shirt”… F**k Tom Sandoval he deserves all the hate & more.”

Plenty of others also chimed in with their thoughts on the “sickening” comment.

One person exclaimed: “WHAT DID HE JUST SAY ABOUT THE TSHIRT???? Sandoval you better run.”

A second shocked Bravo viewer wrote: “Wtf did Sandoval just say?! I know he didn’t say what I think he just said.”

“That T-shirt comment is DEMON BEHAVIOR my mouth is AGAPE,” said a third.

Another commenter slammed: “Sickening. Makes me feel literally ill.”

A fifth blasted: “THAT. COMMENT. The damn audacity!”

“He deserves a backhand for the t-shirt comment. Absolute filth,” a final social media user claimed.


Tom’s treatment of Ariana after she learned about his cheating was also previously blasted by VPR viewers.

He was slammed after he “blamed” Ariana for his affair in an interview.

After Tom stated that he felt the relationship was “not fair,” critics quickly aired their thoughts on Twitter.

One person said: “Dig a deeper grave, bro. Keeeeep digging. It’s so entertaining watching him embarrass himself blindly…”

“It’s so sad that Sandoval thinks he can hurt Ariana even more.
So selfish,” wrote another.

GettyRHONJ star Dina Manzo suggested they took their bashing too far[/caption]

GettyTom carried out a lengthy affair with Raquel behind Ariana’s back[/caption]

GettyRaquel and Tom came clean about the details of the affair at the VPR reunion[/caption]

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