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See Kanye West’s most bizarre looks including shaved eyebrows, shoulder pads, and skintight meggings

See Kanye West’s most bizarre looks including shaved eyebrows, shoulder pads, and skintight meggings

KANYE West has routinely sported audacious outfit choices that many have considered bizarre throughout his music and fashion career.

From wearing oversized shoulder pads to donning form-fitting meggings, the fashion-forward rapper has frequently found a way to stand out from the crowd.

BackGridKanye West has routinely sported audacious outfit choices that many have considered bizarre throughout his music and fashion career[/caption]

BackGridFrom oversized shoulder pads to form-fitting meggings, the fashion-forward rapper has frequently found a way to stand out from the crowd[/caption]

Though the Yeezy founder’s fashion ensembles have always attempted to break new ground, recently the cutting-edge looks have not garnered the attention Kanye, 45, was hoping for.


The Life of Pablo artist was mocked by critics online when he went shoeless on a recent date with his wife, Bianca Censori, 28.

Kanye and Bianca were spotted out and about in Los Angeles, California while walking around the city and grabbing some ice cream.

The Stronger singer donned an all-black ensemble along with a pair of bright blue socks — that seemingly double for shoes.

The musician also wore shoulder pads, similar to the equipment used by NFL football players during games, under his shirt.

Photos of the singer were posted on a Kardashian-dedicated internet forum — to which many users called the new look “ridiculous.”

BackGridKanye was mocked for wearing shoulder pads under his T-shirt and donning bright blue sock shoes[/caption]

“He looks like a kid who was cut from the team but refuses to take his practice gear off,” one Reddit user admitted.

“He look[s] like a Lego,” said another.

“I think he finds pleasure in thinking that he can make any ridiculous outfit a fashion trend for the mass,” stated a third.

“No, he looks ridiculous,” exclaimed a fourth.

A fifth commenter wrote: “I’ve never understood why people say he’s a fashion genius!!! I just don’t get it…It’s all so hideous.”

A sixth person said: “The socks are giving ‘required by the trampoline park.’”

“I’m so confused by the fashion choices of Kanye these days,” another commented.

“What the h**l am I looking at,” questioned one fan.


Kanye’s new wife Bianca also garnered criticism for her eclectic outfit during the ice cream date.

The Yeezy designer wore a tight tank, skintight leggings, and a pair of sparkly pumps with matching knee-length socks.

While some fans enjoyed the model’s bold outfit, others poked fun at her socks-and-shoes combo.

One wrote on Reddit: “She’s wearing socks over her shoes? Ya, that is rather odd… But it’s normal Kanye stuff.”

GettyKanye’s wife Bianca Censori has garnered a fair share of criticism for her eccentric fashion ensembles[/caption]

Another baffled fan asked: “Is she wearing socks over shoes?”

A third posted: “We had a lady show up at our office some days wearing socks over her heels.

“It looked bizarre but now that Ye’s ‘wife’ is doing it, I guess we’ll be seeing more of that.”

Last weekend, Bianca covered her entire face and head with a wrap as part of an odd outfit during another Los Angeles date night.

She and Kanye were spotted enjoying a lengthy, two-hour dinner on the rooftop of the West Hollywood luxury hotel, Edition.

The Gold Digger rapper continued his fashion-forward ways as he rocked his previously mocked, shoulder pad-style T-shirt and a pair of his controversial sock shoes.

Ye kept the look somewhat understated, with the color of his T-shirt, pants, and shoes all being black — except for the red “Berlin” print on his top.

Bianca mirrored her husband’s extravagant style, wearing an oversized jacket, knee-high boots, and a scarf wrapped about her head — leaving an opening just for her eyes.


Days later, Kanye sparked concern after fans noticed a bizarre detail on his shirt after the rapper was spotted wearing the same top he sported during his ice cream outing.

The Graduation artist at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles with his kids for a Donda rehearsal event.

The fashion mogul was seen rocking his newest signature look, which also included shaved eyebrows.

Kanye opted to go shoeless and wore a pair of Yeezy socks instead, which he paired with cutoff pants and a loose-fitting T-shirt.

BackGridKanye sparked concern after wearing a T-shirt that had the German spelling of ‘police’ printed on the front[/caption]

The black shirt, which appeared to have shoulder pads underneath, also had one word of white text written on the right-hand side.

Kanye’s shirt had “polizei,” the German word for “police,” written in all capital letters.

While Kanye seems to be in his newest era, especially since his marriage to architectural designer Bianca, some of his clothing choices have caused a stir among his fans.

Many were quick to point out his shirt and call the rapper out for wearing it after sharing anti-Semitic rants on social media in 2022.

Kanye was criticized for his controversial rants last year, which also affected his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, 42, who has since opened up about how his views have affected her and their family.

Kanye’s “police” shirt had some people showing concern over the questionable piece.

One Reddit thread included a photo of Kanye with his wife Bianca as he took the streets in another similar ensemble.

“Not the German police shirt,” one user wrote.

Another replied: “Well if you thought he was done with this Nazi nonsense he’s like NOPE think again motherf**krs!”

“What he is wearing is so insidious and dark when we know he is always targeting Jewish people.

“Now he’s wearing a German police shirt. Leave Germans out of it and keep your hateful rhetoric to your d**n self,” wrote a third.

A fourth chimed in: “With GERMAN police shirt of all places.”


Last month, Kanye was seen in good spirits, wearing skintight meggings and Yeezy sock shoes, as he arrived at the W Hotel in Los Angeles.

The look consisted of a cropped leather pullover, which he wore over a black T-shirt that hung over his small waist bag.

For bottoms, the producer opted for a pair of tight-fitting black meggings.

The Yeezy founder has clearly decided to give sneakers a break, as he chose to rock a pair of his Yeezy sock shoes while walking outside.

The Flashing Lights rapper has been embracing the boxy top, tight-bottomed, shoe-less look in public recently.

The new appearance comes on the heels of Kanye’s recent cancellation over his controversial social media posts and his newest romantic relationship.

Ye was spotted with Bianca wearing a similar outfit days before.

The 28-year-old designer was seen holding Kanye’s hand as the new couple went for a stroll around LA.

Ye wore an oversized black top in a leathery material paired with black pants.

The pants were a thin fabric at the top but were wetsuit-like on the bottom, with thicker pads on his knees and shins and incorporated shoes.

Bianca, meanwhile, went completely braless in a tight crop top and form-fitting yoga pants, finishing the look with kitten heels and her cropped blonde hair.

Fans thought Kanye looked unrecognizable as the controversial musician visited his clothing store ahead of his Yeezy Season 2023 launch.

The rapper had ditched his clean-shaven appearance for a bushy beard as he popped by his West Hollywood, California store.

The Chicago native had no hair on his head, a massive beard, and a big smile on his face.

He wore a gray shirt with red stripes across the chest and an emblem on one side.

He paired the top with a tight pair of leggings-style pants and green rubber boots that reached almost to his knee.


Facing criticism over his style choices is nothing new for Kanye as last year the rapper was mocked for his peculiar look during London Fashion Week.

The artist covered his head with a hoodie while wearing an all-black ensemble while leaving the Burberry Catwalk Show.

He was draped top to bottom in leather while sporting a beard and wearing bedazzled flip-flops. 

In his Instagram Story, the hitmaker also shared a closeup shot of his glittery sandals. 

In the comments section, fashion critics mocked the star for wearing flip-flops that belonged to his nine-year-old daughter North.  

One person teased: “What if he doesn’t give North back her sandals?”

Another critic added: “His big foot must be in North’s flip flop!” along with a laughing emoji. 

A third noted: “I just want to know why his steps are so far apart! It’s gotta be the sandals.”

“Next thing you know he’s bringing out North’s slippers,” one user commented.

A fan chimed in: “I don’t care if North does it, flip-flops and socks will never be a thing!”

GettyKanye appears to be preparing for the launch of Yeezy Season 2023 as he has continually debuted several new looks[/caption]

GettyKanye was mocked for wearing bedazzled flip-flops while leaving the Burberry Catwalk Show during London Fashion Week[/caption]

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