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Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd ripped for son Ace’s ‘insanely expensive’ and ‘extravagant’ 2nd birthday party

Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd ripped for son Ace’s ‘insanely expensive’ and ‘extravagant’ 2nd birthday party

CHEYENNE Floyd has come under fire for her parenting after showing off her son’s birthday party.

The Teen Mom star posted plenty of photos from her son Ace’s birthday bash on Instagram, but fans weren’t impressed.

Diego CansecoCheyenne Floyd was blasted by fans after she flaunted her son’s extravagant second birthday party[/caption]

Diego CansecoThe Teen Mom star posted personal photos, and also shared a selection of pics from a professional photographer[/caption]

In the photos, Cheyenne documented several moments from her son’s second birthday celebrations, which were held outside on a sunny day.

The 30-year-old showed off a painting activity, at which her older daughter Ryder was shown sitting with her half-sisters Mila and Maya.

A professional candyfloss station was set up on the patio opposite a frozen treat cart, while a huge white bounce house sat behind a matching ball pit.

Alongside a themed cake and red plaid tables adding to the country fair effect, Cheyenne took things to the next level with a petting zoo area.

Taylor’s ex, Cory Wharton, shared photos of his daughters Mila and Maya, as well as his son Ace, as they enjoyed petting and admiring goats, rabbits, and chickens in a fenced-off area.

The girls’ mother, Taylor Selfridge, was also seen chatting with Cheyenne as their kids played at the event.


Unfortunately for the TV personality, many of her social media followers took offence to the grand display of wealth.

One fan reposted the photos to Reddit, where many others pitched in with their criticism of the setup.

“So much waste for a one-day event,” one person lamented.

A second person stated: “Every single party she has thrown has cost more than my wedding, I’m certain.”

Another critic added their take on the environmental impact of the party: “Honestly this trend of OTT events needs to go away.

“All I see here is a huge amount of waste, plastic, helium, balloons etc. Feels a bit gross when you think of the state of the planet. All this personalized crap that gets used once and thrown away.

“Flowers, paper pompoms and decorations are great alternatives to plastic and won’t just sit in landfill for the next few hundred years after one afternoon of use.”

They concluded: “But that would require Cheyenne and those like her to think about something other than themselves for 2 minutes.”

A final commenter slammed: “These kids don’t know the price difference between an expensive birthday or a cheap birthday so the parents make it all about them and take away the real fun for the kids. It’s tacky asf.”

Diego CansecoOne of Cheyenne’s followers reposted the photos on Reddit, where critics debated the point of the expense spent on her young son[/caption]

Diego CansecoOne critic criticized the amount of waste at the party, pointing out the ‘environmental impact’ of the number of balloons and single-use items[/caption]


Cheyenne was also criticized last month after fans questioned her party and present for Ace’s older sister Ryder.

She opted to do Q&A with her followers after Ryder’s extravagant sixth birthday celebration.

One of the MTV star’s fans asked: “Did Ryder get her Gucci purse? Lol I was shocked she asked they start young,” with a laughing emoji.

In response, Cheyenne posted a photo of herself holding the purse aloft along with the caption: “She got a mini vintage Gucci bag to add to her collection.”

One of Cheyenne’s followers reposted the Story on an online forum, along with the question: “Does a 6-year-old need a Gucci purse for her birthday?!”

One person responded: “No one NEEDS Gucci or name brand anything. It’s just a way to flash money…”

A second said: “Imagine valuing status symbols and teaching that to your 6-year-old. I’d rather teach my daughters to be grateful and humble.”

“Lol what an embarrassing, vulgar, display… and she has no idea,” added a third.

Diego CansecoThe photos showed a ball pit, bouncy house, and several activity tables and food stands, with one commenter theorizing that the party cost more than their wedding[/caption]

Diego CansecoAnother person suggested that the party was more about Cheyenne than Ace, with the extravagance of the day lost on a two-year-old[/caption]

Diego CansecoThis isn’t the first time that Cheyenne’s luxury treats for her children have come under fire, with her decision to gift daughter Ryder a Gucci purse for her sixth birthday last month sparking accusations of vulgarity[/caption]

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