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Jeopardy! fans divided over James Holzhauer’s rivalry with host Ken Jennings after Ken wins Masters special

Jeopardy! fans divided over James Holzhauer’s rivalry with host Ken Jennings after Ken wins Masters special

FANS have debated James Holzhauer’s reaction after he was beaten by host Ken in a Jeopardy! special.

James, 38, recently won the Masters round, but Ken Jennings, 49, proved that he was the greatest player around.

GettyJeopardy! fans have shared their opinions on the head-to-head match between host Ken Jennings and Masters winner James Holzhauer[/caption]

NBCMany fans slammed James’ behavior, saying that he was ‘really bothered’ by his defeat, and that not being crowned the GOAT ‘killed him’[/caption]

Jeopardy! contestant James was regarded as the villain of the Masters tournament, but fans on Reddit debated whether it was an act or whether he was truly upset by his loss to the TV host.

On the social media forum, one person prompted: “May have been posted previously, but do you think it absolutely KILLS James that for all his success Ken beat him?

“He basically rolled through The Masters tournament and he’s an amazing player. However, Ken beat him fair and square and Ken can never be a contestant again. I think it really bothers James and I wanted to get some other’s thoughts.”

One person agreed: “I’ll be the guy to vehemently agree. James is a great player, knows he’s a great player, knows that EVERYONE knows he’s a great player, and hates that he’ll never be the BEST (Greatest) player of all time. 

Another added: “Yes. It kills him. And the fact that it kills him speaks volumes, IMO. Oh well.”

However, many acknowledged that the gameshow personality was likely just playing a role.

One said: “I think it’s far more of a fun rivalry than anything serious.

“I think both of them know that the two of them are genuinely pretty neck-and-neck, and James is cocky but he’s not a jerk.”

A second shared: “Nah, James loves playing up the heel role but he is by all accounts a very nice guy and he seems pretty content in general.”

A final commenter explained: “I think it might stick in James’ craw a bit, but in a fun/friendly competitive way. As a viewer, I actually think it makes for fun banter between the two in these types of tournaments.

“I know James bugs some of the commenters here with his quips and whatnot, but I quite enjoy it!”


During James’ winning final, fans of the show were full of admiration after they spotted eliminated contestants Amy SchneiderAndrew He, and Sam Buttrey huddled together to watch the live show.

“This is too wholesome,” said one fan.

“Awww. This is the best photo ever,” another tweeted. “I love the champions’ joy in watching their fellow Masters. Congratulations EVERYONE! You all did amazing!!!!”

A third added: “Loved watching you guys…you all seem like good friends. Loved the chemistry between everyone.”

A further commenter wrote: “So heartwarming.”


Both Ken and Mayim Bialik took over for the late Alex Trebek, who died in November 2020.

They have been sharing hosting duties ever since.

However, fans on Twitter have begged Jeopardy! to keep Ken on instead of going with solely Mayim after the upcoming tournament ends.

One wrote: “Please keep Ken full time…please please.”

Another commented: “I’ll miss Ken and Jeopardy until he returns.”

A third shared: “Please just let Ken host for the future!! He’s doing a great job.

Some fans recently went even further, suggesting that Mayim should be replaced on the show completely.

ABCOthers, however, reasoned that James was a ‘very nice guy,’ and that his persona on the show was just ‘fun banter’[/caption]

Twitter/ JeopardyFans have celebrated the ‘camaraderie’ seen throughout the Masters round, with many praising eliminated contestants for supporting the final[/caption]

NBCMeanwhile, some critics have bemoaned Ken’s absence from the normal show, and have even suggested that co-host Mayim Bialik should be replaced[/caption]

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