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Joy-Anna Duggar’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle meet 30th grandchild & make rare appearance in emotional birth video

Joy-Anna Duggar’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle meet 30th grandchild & make rare appearance in emotional birth video

JOY-ANNA Duggar’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, make a rare appearance in an emotional birth video.

Joy-Anna, 25, uploaded the video to the YouTube channel she shares with her husband, Austin Forsyth.

YouTube/FollowtheForsythsJim Bob and Michelle Duggar made a rare appearance as they met their 30th grandchild[/caption]

YouTube/FollowtheForsythsJoy-Anna Duggar shared an emotional birthing video on her YouTube channel recently[/caption]

In her newest vlog, the Counting On alum shared some updates about her final doctor’s visit before giving birth and how excited her family was to meet the newest member of the Forsyth family.

While in the hospital, the camera was pointed to the star as she gave birth to her son, Gunner James Forsyth, who was born on May 19.

Joy-Anna showed her two children: Gideon, 5, and Evelyn, 2, meeting their little brother for the first time.

In the next clip, Joy-Anna’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, made a rare appearance as they were eager to meet their 30th grandchild.

So far, they are grandparents to 15 boys and 15 girls.

“I can’t believe it,” Jim Bob said while admiring his grandson.

Michelle held the baby while Jim Bob said a quick prayer while holding onto Joy-Anna’s shoulder.


Earlier this week, the TV personality shared a series of photos from a fun family day that got her social media followers buzzing.

The first photo in the bunch showed Austin riding on a tractor with Evelyn sitting on his lap.

A second photo showed Gideon smiling while standing barefoot on a dirt patch.

It was the third photo, which showed Gunner laying in just a diaper and a swaddle, that got fans buzzing, however.

The newborn appeared to be fast asleep in mom Joy-Anna’s lap.

The 19 Kids and Counting star captioned the post: “Bailing hay today.

“The kids got to drive the tractors and learned the process of storing up hay for the winter.”

Commenters worried about the reality star having the baby out in the heat.

Concerned fans flooded the comments, with one writing: “Shouldn’t you be at home out of the hot sun with a newborn baby[?]”

Others worried about Evelyn and Gideon being barefoot around farm equipment.

One wrote: “Kids are adorable, but bare feet on a tractor and on a farm is a recipe for big problems. Take it from someone who grew up in farm country.”

Another commented: “Little girl needs shoes on when around farm equipment, please be careful! Cute pictures with dad.”


The Forsyth family has had a crazy week as critics spot a ‘weird’ object in the background of a photo featuring Gunner.

While the sweet photo showed the mom of three giving her new baby a kiss on the head, some critics couldn’t help but notice the looking deer head in the background.

Over Joy-Anna’s left shoulder, the taxidermy piece was hung on a wall that was adjacent to the family’s fridge.

Some people took to Reddit to call out the piece, initially saying it was the “weirdest damn deer placement.”

“Y’all don’t have deer heads growing out of the side of your fridge?” one user joked.

A second made another joke, writing: “Maybe because the other half of his body is in the freezer.”

“It’s a situation where it doesn’t really matter where they put it,” a third replied.

“Eventually there will be like ten more and every wall will have at least one or two animals of some sort. I’ve been in those houses. It’s weird.”

“I mean their bathroom doesn’t have a sink in it, everything about their house has weird placement,” a fourth said.

While the background of Joy-Anna’s recent photo caused quite a stir, the forefront of the pic also had some fans showing concern over Gunner’s health.


After the 19 Kids & Counting alum admitted during a recent ultrasound that Gunner’s stomach was larger than the rest of him, the new Instagram pic had fans looking with wide eyes.

In a YouTube video last month, Joy-Anna said: “He’s measuring two weeks ahead in his stomach, in his stomach circumference.

“In his head, he’s a week ahead. everything else is pretty much just a week ahead. Still, it’s concerning.”

After Joy-Anna shared the new photo, fans flooded the comments section with questions on Gunner’s health.

One asked: “Is his belly ok? I know you said it was concerningly big in the ultrasound.”

Another wanted to know: “How much did he weigh?? So cute!!”

Instagram / Joy ForsythOn May 19, Joy-Anna gave birth to her third child named Gunner James Forsyth[/caption]

YouTube/FollowtheForsyths‘I can’t believe it,’ Jim Bob said as he admired his newest grandson[/caption]

YouTube/FollowtheForsythsIn one clip, Jim Bob led a prayer while baby Gunner was in Michelle’s arms[/caption]

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