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Bianca Censori critics mock ‘odd’ detail about her appearance during date with Kanye West in LA

Bianca Censori critics mock ‘odd’ detail about her appearance during date with Kanye West in LA

BIANCA Censori has been mocked over her eclectic outfit during a recent date with her husband Kanye West.

The Yeezy designer, 28, wore a tight tank and leggings while grabbing ice cream with Kanye, 45, in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Bianca Censori has been mocked over her eclectic outfit during a recent date with her husband Kanye WestThe Mega Agency

BackGridShe faced backlash over her sparkly socks and shoes combo (pictured)[/caption]

Bianca finished off her look with a pair of sparkly pumps and matching sparkly knee-length socks.

While some fans enjoyed the model’s bold outfit, others poked fun at her socks and shoes combo.

One wrote on Reddit: “She’s wearing socks over her shoes? Ya, that is rather odd… But it’s normal Kanye stuff.”

Another baffled fan asked: “Is she wearing socks over shoes?”

A third posted: “We had a lady show up at our office some days wearing socks over her heels.

“It looked bizarre but now that Ye’s ‘wife’ is doing it, I guess we’ll be seeing more of that.”

Kanye attracted similar criticism with his getup during the date.

The rapper wore a black T-shirt with the word polizei – which means police in German – written on the front and back.

Uniquely, Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband decided to elevate the look by adding shoulder pads, dramatically bulking up his torso.

He added relaxed pants, along with eye-catching bright blue sock shoes.

Critics mocked his “ridiculous” sock shoes and joked that he looked like a “Lego.”

Last week, Bianca finally confirmed that she was married to Kanye after months of rumors.

The Yeezy staffer was captured in a fan’s TikTok and confirmed their relationship status, while fans praised her personality in the clip.

A TikToker asked: “Can I get your number?”

Bianca then confirmed her marital status when she replied: “I’m married!”

Fans were astonished by Kanye’s wife’s kind demeanor in the clip, taking to the comments to compliment her behavior toward the stranger.

“She’s so cute,” one gushed, while a second wrote: “She looks so different so up close, she has a sweet personality, not stuck up at all.”

“She’s stunning. Good energy as well, I like her already,” a third agreed.

“I think she’s adorable and I’m happy for her and Ye,” a fourth commented.


Bianca and Kanye are believed to have secretly gotten married in January – just two months after his divorce from Kanye was finalized.

Kanye shares four children with his ex-wife Kim, who filed for divorce in February 2021 after six years of marriage.

Kim and Kanye started dating in 2011 when she flew to Paris to see his fashion show.

Kim started dating actor Pete Davidson after the divorce, but revealed during the Season 3 premiere of The Kardashians that Kanye was behind their breakup.

As the romance between Kim and Pete heated up, Kanye voiced his disdain toward the comedian in several posts.

In January 2022, Kanye, who now goes by Ye, then threatened to “kick Pete Davidson’s a**,” in a new diss track.

BackGridCritics slammed her footwear during the ice cream date on Wednesday[/caption]

TikTok/gratefulboynueeBianca finally confirmed she’s married to Kanye in a recent TikTok taken by a fan[/caption]

GettyKanye and Kim Kardashian got divorced in late 2022[/caption]

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