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Kim Kardashian admits to getting fillers on very bizarre body part in rare comment about plastic surgery in new clip

Kim Kardashian admits to getting fillers on very bizarre body part in rare comment about plastic surgery in new clip

KIM Kardashian has shared a surprising admission about the placement of her cosmetic injections.

The Hulu star revealed the location of some of her Botox during a teaser clip for the new season of The Kardashians.

Getty Images – GettyKim Kardashian revealed that she’d gotten Botox in an unusual location during a clip from the upcoming season of The Kardashians[/caption]

SnapChat/khloekardashianThe reality TV star told a vocal coach that she couldn’t use the muscles in her neck to sing as ‘half of [them] are probably Botoxed’[/caption]

Khloe Kardashian, 38, posted the video on to her Snapchat Stories yesterday, hinting at plenty of drama between the Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

In one moment toward the end of the clip, Kim spoke to a voice coach as the sisters took on a new venture.

The voiceover said: “We’re recording an album. They’re making us do singing lessons.”

The video then showed Kim during a lesson, with the voice coach explaining: “I’m using muscles in the neck.”

Kim, who still sported her old blond hair and wore a revealing sleeveless bustier, replied: “Half of mine are probably Botoxed, so I can’t, like…”

The 42-year-old and the singing instructor burst into laughter at the TV star’s frank comment.


Last year, Kim revealed that she still got Botox despite vowing never to have it again.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum first had the injections when she was 29 years old back in 2010, and swore off the procedure after her skin had a nasty reaction to it.

However, many fans speculated that the mother of four‘s enhancements go beyond botox alone, and begged Kim to stop ‘changing’ her face.

Earlier this year, Kim stepped out at a Dolce and Gabbana event rocking a tiny sparkly red bra top and matching skirt that reached her ankles.

Close-ups from the star-studded event showed Kim seemingly sporting a slimmer nose, and fuller cheeks and lips.

One person pleaded: “Kim you are beautiful! Please stop doing stuff to your face! It’s done. It’s only gonna get worse from here. Wait ’til you’re 60 and maybe get a life like the rest of us.”

Someone else speculated: “That’s a fresh nose,” while another wrote, “Nose job, I’m sure of it.”

A fourth commenter reacted: “It looks like she’s done something to her cheeks.”


Beyond her use of Botox, fans have also speculated that Kim has surgically altered her body.

Last year, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Barrett told The U.S. Sun he thought Kim may have spent up to $170,000 on surgery.

Although Kim denied undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Barrett did not believe her dismissal of the rumors.

The doctor said: “Kim has been famous for her body contouring!

“She appears to have had liposuction with fat transfer. At one point, her results were overdone and very exaggerated.”

Fans also questioned the Kardashians’ tendency to only take revealing bikini pics front-on.

One user wrote on Twitter: “Has anyone noticed how we don’t ever see bathing suit pics of any of the Kardashians/Jenners from the back?

“Is it because we’d see the BBL scars?”

Getty – ContributorKim swore off Botox after using it for the first time in 2010, but admitted that she was still using it last year despite fans’ please to ‘stop doing stuff’ to her natural face[/caption]

SplashMany Kardashian followers also speculated that Kim’s facial enhancements went beyond Botox, theorizing that Kim had a ‘fresh’ nose alongside altered cheeks and lips[/caption]

Instagram/kimkardashianAccording to a plastic surgeon, Kim may also have undergone liposuction and a fat transfer to her butt, while fans have wondered whether she purposefully dresses to hide BBL scars[/caption]

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