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GMA host Michael Strahan shares adorable new pic of family’s latest addition with daughter Isabella, 18

GMA host Michael Strahan shares adorable new pic of family’s latest addition with daughter Isabella, 18

MICHAEL Strahan has shared and adorable new picture of the family’s latest addition.

His 18-year-old daughter, Isabella, posed with their new dog, Zuma.

Instagram/sophialstrahanGood Morning America star Michael Strahan took to social media to share a new pic of his family[/caption]

On Wednesday, the Good Morning America host posted a photo to his Instagram.

It featured his daughter, Isabella, snuggling up to their new dog, Zuma.

She sat on a chair with her laptop next to her.

In the first photo, Isabella kissed Zuma’s ear as the dog stared at the camera.

The second photo had her still looking down at the dog, but this time she picked up his paw and made him “wave” to the camera.

“Safe to say @isabellastrahan and all of us love our new family member, Zuma!! #DogLife #Puppy,” Michael captioned the post.

Michael’s follower couldn’t help but gush over the pup in the comments.


Earlier this month, Michael shared that he was expanding his family by adding a dog to it.

Michael took to Instagram to share the good news.

He captioned his post: “Everyone meet Zuma Strahan! New puppy so Enzo has a sister!! Welcome home!”

Enzo is Michael and his daughters’ dog, a Goldendoodle.

Isabella held Zuma close in the video, cuddling the brown, tan, and white pup close.

The video was accompanied by the sound of a squeaky toy.

The 18-year-old couldn’t stop grinning as she raised the dog’s paws and held her close.

Fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the furry little friend.

One wrote: “OMG how sweet!”

Another commented: “Happy furever home Zuma!”

A third wrote: “I am in love!!I don’t know who is cuter? The adorable puppy or your beautiful daughter.”

A fourth commented: “So cute!! Both of them!!”


Michael’s ex-wife Jean Muggli has claimed he “spent more money on his dogs than his daughters” in custody court papers, as she accused him of owing $547,000 on their twins’ activities in 2019. 

Michael, 51, and Jean were married from 1999 to 2006, and share twin daughters Isabella and Sophia, 18

The U.S. Sun has exclusively obtained court papers from their nasty years-long custody battle, which is now closed. 

On May 19, 2019, Jean filed for Enforcement and Modification regarding child support in New York courts. 

Jean explained how the twins live with her in Wilmington, North Carolina, as she has physical custody, while the Good Morning America anchor resides in New York City. 

The court papers claimed: “Recently, I sought to move with our children from North Carolina to New York so that the girls could be closer to Michael and so that the girls could pursue the excellent educational opportunities provided by the Manhattan private schools.

“Michael refused to let us move, adamantly insisting the girls stay in North Carolina, ostensibly so they could continue to pursue their robust extracurricular activities, including horseback riding and volleyball.”

She claimed his “new-found expressed enthusiasm” for the activities came as a “surprise” to her, as she has been “left to shoulder this financial burden alone.”

Jean alleged in the court documents: “This Petition is necessitated by Michael’s failure to pay agreed-upon child support for our two children, including by failing to increase it annually, and by reneging on our agreement to share certain of the girls’ extracurricular expenses.”

She requested Michael pay her a lump sum of $321,654.98, with interest for “support arrears owed as a result of his failure to increase child support to take account of the increase in the cost of living.”

Jean also requested child support be increased to $220,543.97 per year, which would be $18,378.66 per month.

Child support per their 2009 New Jersey court agreement was initially $12,917 per month.


The court documents claimed: “Michael travels by private plane, even Michael’s dog travels by private plane. 

“In fact, Michael once told a friend of mine he spends more on his dog than on his children.”

Jean is likely referring to Michael’s dog Enzo, who he has posted about frequently on his social media through the years.

Jean continued to claim of expenses for horseback riding and volleyball: “The cost of all this was becoming staggering and beyond my financial reach. I asked Michael to contribute. His contribution was limited to a few piano lessons and, for a time, he helped with the horses.

“At my request, Michael paid for 50 percent of the purchase of three horses for the girls, and one leased horse, as well as some additional horse expenses. 

“I asked that Michael pay 90 percent, the same level of contribution that he makes for school expenses, but Michael would only ever agree to contribute 50 percent. Michael also, for a brief time, helped pay for some horse expenses (part of the barn expenses), as we had agreed, but he stopped doing that and refused to continue.”

GettyThe snap showed Michael’s daughter Isabella cuddled up to their new dog Zuma[/caption]

GettyEarlier this month Michael revealed that he’d be adding a new dog to their family[/caption]

GettyMany fans congratulated Michael for bringing Zuma into his home[/caption]

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