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Sister Wives’ Christine Brown almost busts out of very plunging top in new video as she begins six-week diet

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown almost busts out of very plunging top in new video as she begins six-week diet

CHRISTINE Brown has showed off her weight loss in a new video.

The Sister Wives star posted a chatty Instagram Story from her car yesterday.

InstagramChristine Brown gave followers a glimpse of her cleavage and toned arms in a new video about fruit shopping[/caption]

Instagram/David WoolleyThe star has flaunted her body in new photos and clips after shedding the pounds through diet and lifestyle changes[/caption]

In the video, Christine, 52, gave her followers a top tip for buying produce, while also finishing her look by putting an earring in.

The TLC star sat while her car was parked, with her camera set up on the dashboard.

She wore dark wash jeans, along with a boho-style white top.

The blouse’s sleeves fell off the shoulder, with two thin straps keeping it in place. It had two tasseled strings tied into a bow, and pretty floral embroidery running down the front.

Christine animatedly greeted: “Car confessions!”

She continued: “This is something that a mother needs to teach you and you always need to remember this. If you don’t remember anything I teach you, this is it.

“When fruit is on sale, that’s when it means it’s in season. The only time you should buy fruit is when it’s on sale.”

The reality TV personality concluded: “There. There you go. That’s the only thing you need to remember ever.”


Christine has just started a six-week challenge alongside her ex-sister wife Janelle Brown, 54, and the latter’s eldest daughter Madison.

Last week, the trio took to their Plexus and lifestyle page @life_with_health_and_happiness to invite more people to join them just before the challenge started.

Christine appeared in a series of photos that were cut together to create a video ad for a “slimdown challenge,” showing off her thinner frame.

Smiling snaps of the group popped up on the screen as they showed off their colorful diet drinks.

The three ladies captioned their post: ” It’s OPEN!! OFFICIALLY STARTING SOON! 6 weeks to feeling your very best 6 weeks to lose weight 6 weeks of more mental clarity 6 weeks of more energy 6 weeks of meal plan & movement….

“What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!! Message below or DM us -SLIMDOWN CHALLENGE!” they closed.


Christine’s weight loss sped up after she left ex-husband Kody Brown in November 2021.

In the video posted to promote her six-week challenge, Christine shared a photo from years prior in which the star looked almost unrecognizable.

The photo showed Christine at a much higher weight while still with Kody, dressed more conservatively while her facial features looked less sharp.

Alongside her weight loss, Christine’s personal life has changed drastically after finding a new romance with David Woolley.

Christine shared the news about her engagement to boyfriend David on April 13, two months after debuting their relationship, and just days after The U.S. Sun reported that the reality star was ready to marry.

However, Janelle has reportedly discussed her discomfort with the speed of the couple’s relationship.

In March, Christine’s son Paedon also shared on TikTok: “Last night [I told Christine]: ‘Hey Mom, you’re going fast. I’m not telling you to slow down.

“I just want you to be aware that you’re rushing this… very, very quickly.”

Christine has just started a six-week challenge to ‘feel your best’ and ‘lose weight’ alongside fellow Sister Wives star JanelleInstagram/christine_brownsw

InstagramIn a clip for the challenge, Christine posted a shot from years back when she was still with Kody Brown, showing how far she’d come in her weight loss journey[/caption]

TLC/Christine BrownAs well as splitting from Kody and dropping clothes sizes, Christine recently announced that she was engaged to marry her partner David Woolley despite concerns from her family[/caption]

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