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Alabama Barker, 17, shares major change to her appearance in late-night pic after concern over ‘inappropriate’ snaps

Alabama Barker, 17, shares major change to her appearance in late-night pic after concern over ‘inappropriate’ snaps

ALABAMA Barker has shared a major change to her appearance in a new late-night photo as fans worry about the teenager’s “inappropriate” snaps.

Travis Barker‘s daughter regularly posts over-the-top photos on her social media accounts — triggering concern from many of her fans.

Instagram/alabamaluellabarkerAlabama Barker shared a major change to her appearance in a new late-night photo[/caption]

TikTok/alabamabarkerThe 17-year-old posted both a photo and a video that showed her with dark pink hair[/caption]

Alabama, 17, showed off her brand-new hair color in a photo that captured her sitting in the back of a bicycle-drawn carriage with two of her friends.

Kourtney Kardashian‘s stepdaughter’s hair, which was recently colored a bright orange, appeared to be a dark shade of pink.

On TikTok, Alabama again showed off her pink hair in a video that featured her cuddled up next to a male friend while in New York City.

Alabama is no stranger to changing up her look, even if that means donning what some people feel is “inappropriate” clothing for her age.

Earlier this week, the 17-year-old fired back at the “haters” who disapprove of her clothing choices after she posted photos of herself wearing a revealing outfit on social media.

Alabama snapped back at those comments in a new Instagram Story.

With an all-black screen, Alabama typed the caption: “They hating on me crazy. I’m gonna keep going though.”

Recently, Alabama wiped her Instagram clean after she faced major backlash for the “inappropriate” photos she posts — but her photos appear to be back.

The Blink-182 drummer’s daughter has ignored the backlash she received and posts as usual.


Last month, she took to her profile to share pictures of herself enjoying a sunny pool day.

The blond teen relaxed on a massive float shaped like an old-fashioned phone in a red cheeky bikini.

Alabama’s back was on full display as she lay face down on the pink float.

In a second snap, the teen posed on the side of the pool, again with her back to the camera.

A third showed off her cleavage and her makeup-free face as she enjoyed the water.

Alabama closed out the post with an aesthetic shot of her bikini body from far away, overlooking the California mountains.

She captioned her post: “I feel you in my mind.”


But fans were not pleased by the content, as they urged the teen to stop acting older than her age.

Many took to Reddit to blame Kourtney. 44, and her husband Travis, 47, for not having stricter rules for their daughter.

“This child is so young,” one wrote, while a second agreed: “It’s so gnarly, has Travis liked it and commented in appropriately yet? Sheesh.”

“This is getting more and more disturbing. Reporting her account. Lol,” a third requested.

“How is this not ‘child pornography.’ Someone call CPS for God’s sake. Wtf!” a fourth scathed.

“Who’s taking these? Lol please don’t be Kourt,” a fifth suggested.

“This makes me sick. Only bc this is being encouraged by everyone around her and her parents aren’t protecting her. They absolutely know what kind of sick f**ks look for this exact kind of material,” another complained.

“Somebody parent this child!!!!!!” a final pleaded.


Alabama recently made another huge change to her appearance, taking to TikTok to share a clip showing off her new hairstyle.

In the post, Alabama sported long red locks – a much different look from her usual blonde hair color.

She styled her hair in a half ponytail, with one thick curly strand framing her face.

The teen ran her fingers through her updated hairdo while admiring the makeover through the lens.

She included background music from the song Friend Zone from A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

Fans rushed to the comments to gush over Alabama’s hair transformation.

However, some expressed missing the reality star’s formerly blonde locks.

Alabama assured her followers that the look was not permanent, responding: “It’s a wig so we can always switch it up.”

TikTok/alabamabarkerAlabama’s normally blonde hair was recently dyed a bright orange[/caption]

Instagram/Alabama BarkerThe 17-year-old has faced constant scrutiny from critics who claim her outfits are ‘inappropriate’ and thank she should dress her age[/caption]

GettyFans have blamed Alabama’s father, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and her stepmom Kourtney Kardashian for not placing stricter rules on the teen[/caption]

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