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Live’s Kelly Ripa snaps ‘stop yelling at me!’ as producers and live audience make wild demands in chaotic on-air moment

Live’s Kelly Ripa snaps ‘stop yelling at me!’ as producers and live audience make wild demands in chaotic on-air moment

KELLY Ripa has lost her patience while live on her show.

The TV host shouted at everyone off-screen during Live with Kelly and Mark on May 17.

ABCKelly Ripa lashed out after stress built during a trivia game live-on-air[/caption]

ABCThe TV star and her husband Mark Consuelos had to pick which out of two statements was true, but he encouraged her to be the one to answer[/caption]

In the segment, Kelly, 52, and her husband Mark Consuelos, 52, guessed which of two statements sent in by a viewer was true.

A longtime fan called Julie called in, and gave the options: “Has parachuted twice out of an airplane;” or “Was a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.”

Julie then had one minute to answer questions from the hosts as they tried to figure out which statement was true.

When she spoke about parachuting, both daytime TV stars looked disbelieving of her story, before Mark looked at his wife and jokingly said: “I’m gonna let you get this one.”

The audience laughed, and Kelly asked a producer off-screen: “You think she’s making it [the parachute story] sound like a lie deliberately?”

Many voices from the sides of the stage and from viewers started pitching in, shouting out their thoughts as Kelly’s head swung back and forth between them.

She then suddenly raised her hands, and exclaimed: “This is not The Price is Right, stop yelling at me!”

Kelly decided that she wanted Julie to win the mug by fooling them, so purposefully guessed the wrong answer; that Julie used to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.


Ex-host Ryan Seacrest will reportedly make a guest appearance on the show on May 18 to promote American Idol‘s finale on Sunday.

A source told the outlet that Ryan – who was replaced by Kelly‘s husband Mark Consuelos in April – is “looking forward” to his return.

It will mark his first appearance back since his emotional final episode, which aired on April 14.

Ryan announced his shock departure from Live in February after six years on the show.

He transitioned out of Live in the spring and moved back to Los Angeles from New York to shoot the 21st season of American Idol.

The daytime TV star said he was going to miss his “work wife” Kelly – who has hosted the show since 2001.

Ryan added that he was “excited to pass the baton” to Kelly’s “real husband” Mark and joked that the actor should “feel free to remodel my dressing room.”

Reflecting on his departure back in March, he admitted he was “looking forward” to leaving the show.


The U.S. Sun exclusively reported that Live “struggled” to fill seats at a pre-taping on April 27.

An insider said: “There was a very small line waiting to get into the studio. Security had to pull people from the streets who didn’t have tickets to fill spots.”

They added: “A crew member also asked audience members from the morning taping to stick around for the pre-tape that began shortly after.”

Once the audience took their seats, the insider noted that “there were a few empty seats still left open.”

The show has been criticized by Twitter users for being “boring” and “not interesting” since Ryan’s departure.

ABCAs audience members and producers off-screen started shouting out their thoughts to Kelly, she seemed increasingly overwhelmed before telling them to ‘stop yelling’[/caption]

GettyKelly’s ex co-host Ryan Seacrest will appear on the show soon as a guest, after leaving just weeks ago[/caption]

AFPMark stepped up to replace Ryan, but an insider suggested they’re struggling to fill seats, while people have slammed the new tone of the show on Twitter[/caption]

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