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JoJo Siwa shares ‘terrifying’ footage of intruders breaking into her $3.5M mansion as teen, 19, says ‘life is scary’

JoJo Siwa shares ‘terrifying’ footage of intruders breaking into her $3.5M mansion as teen, 19, says ‘life is scary’

JOJO Siwa has shared “terrifying” footage of two intruders breaking into her $3.5million mansion in Los Angeles.

The TikTok star, 19, was burglarized early on Monday morning while she was away on a cruise.

SnapChat/itsjojosiwaJojo Siwa shared ‘terrifying’ footage of two intruders breaking into her $3.4million mansion in Los Angeles[/caption]

The clip showed two masked robbers at her San Fernando Valley homeSnapChat/itsjojosiwa

JoJo posted security footage of two robbers at her San Fernando Valley home on Tuesday.

The Dance Moms star told fans on Snapchat: “We were robbed last night at 2:40(ish)AM… It was an armed robbery which is very scary.

“It was a REALLLLLY long night on the phone with my security, family, and LAPD.

“And then I couldn’t fall back asleep after. Was about two hours on the phone, then lots more just laying there thinking.”

JoJo then shared a video from inside her home of the masked robbers climbing the stairs and walking around her entrance hall.

The teen said: “Security footage of the break-in… It’s terrifying. This makes me sick to watch.”

Police said that they responded to a call from an alarm company about a break-in at JoJo’s home, TMZ reported.

They found a door open, which is how they believe the perpetrators, entered. The suspects have not been identified or found.

JoJo was on a cruise when the break-in occurred, according to Entertainment Tonight,

The dancer said there was “lots of materialistic damage” from the burglary, but added, “That can all be fixed.”

“I’m just happy that my family and pups are safe. Most important thing to me,” she said.

“Do me a favor and hug your people extra tight tonight,” JoJo added.

“Life is SCARY. And you never know when anything could happen.”

JoJo bought the 6,500-square-foot mansion in Tarzana, LA, in December 2019 and moved herself and her family into it.

A month later, the YouTube star gave fans a tour of the house, which boasts a basketball court, a merchandise store and an in-home 7-Eleven.


This isn’t the first time JoJo has been targeted at her LA mansion.

In january 2021, she became the victim of “swatting” – the act of making prank 911 calls to bring emergency responders to a particular location.

She recorded cops swarming her house and claimed there were at least 50 officers there – although footage of the moment appeared to show only seven police cars and one fire truck.

“My fear was that I thought somebody was in the house and I didn’t know about it. That’s what I was scared about!” she said on her videographer Nate Javier’s Instagram Live.

“Or somebody like came to hide and they came through our backyard. Never prank the police that is the most wrong thing to do. It’s very, very, very illegal.”

The Nickelodeon star added: “The people will get in trouble for whoever did that. They will get in a lot of trouble, possibly serve time. That’s what my security told me.”

The prank came just days after JoJo came out as LGBTQ in a lengthy Instagram video, where she opened up for the first time about her sexual orientation

SnapChat/itsjojosiwaThe dancer was believed to have been on a cruise at the time[/caption]

GettyJoJo urged fans to ‘hug’ their loved ones and said that ‘life is scary’[/caption]

The Mega AgencyJoJo moved into her huge mansion in December[/caption]

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