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GMA’s Michael Strahan shocks colleagues and guests as he ‘goes off the rails’ during live work event

GMA’s Michael Strahan shocks colleagues and guests as he ‘goes off the rails’ during live work event

GMA’s Michael Strahan has hyped up the crowd at a work event where he threw autographed baseballs and footballs to those in attendance.

Michael was part of Monday’s Fox Upfront, a presentation held at NYC’s Manhattan Center.

Michael Strahan joined work colleagues at a Fox event alongside sports commentator Erin AndrewsABC

Erin had been trying to get the crowd at the event hyped all nightGetty Images

There, Fox was unveiling its 2023 and 2024 content plans, including what was in store for Fox Sports, Fox News, and more.

The entire presentation had a somewhat loose feel, with Gordon Ramsay opening the show standing on top of a bar.

Later, Michael was joined by Rob Gronkowski, Erin Andrews, Derek Jeter, and Fox sportscaster Alex Rodriguez.

Erin had been increasingly trying to get the crowd more hyped all night.

After she announced that soccer player Carly Lloyd was part of the Fox Sports lineup, things went “off the rails” as Erin wrote in her Instagram Stories.

Michael, Derek, Alex, and Rob got on top of the bar that Gordon opened the show with.

Together, they started throwing autographed footballs and baseballs into the crowd.

That won them the hype they deserved.

Michael and Erin took the time to laugh about the moment on their personal Instagram accounts.


Meanwhile, Michael slammed Derek in a new video for “making him feel old.”

The GMA host played gold with the retired baseball players and a few friends when Derek delivered a jab to him.

Michael, 51, posted a video to his Instagram on Tuesday.

He, Derek, Paige Spiranac, 30, and a few other friends were all playing golf together for charity.

The video started off with Derek looking at the camera and pointing to Michael.

“I grew up watching Michael Strahan,” the former baseball player said.

Derek, 48, turned to one of their friends and asked if they did too.

The friend said: “Of course.”

Michael then spoke up: “You know what? You’re just trying to make me feel old, man.”

As the GMA host lined up his putter, Paige came out with: “I wasn’t even alive then.”

Their friend, Kevin, started to say something, when Michael snapped: “Kevin, don’t talk to him! Paige is the only one you can talk to one their team.”

“Oh, you didn’t hear what she said?” Derek asked.

Paige repeated what she said to Michael and the GMA host blasted: “Don’t talk to Paige either! Don’t talk to either one of them. They are not our friends right now.”

Michael captioned the post: “Got roasted for my age???? At least it was for a good cause, @jeterturn2. No I didn’t hear you, @_paige.renee but that was COLD BLOODED!! ”


In February, Derek joined FOX Sports baseball coverage team for the 2023 MLB season.

The big announcement came during the Super Bowl pregame show — during which the New York Yankees legend appeared to have taken a swipe at Michael, leaving NFL fans baffled.

Host Curt Menefee revealed Derek would be joining FOX Sports a few hours before the Super Bowl LVII kick-off.

The five-time World Series champion joined Curt, Michael, and another Yankees icon, Alex Rodriguez, on the stage amid boos from the Philadelphia Eagles fans.

But things got awkward when the former New York Giants defensive end welcomed Derek to the team.

“This is like a New York reunion,” Michael, now a Good Morning America co-host, said.

But after the two shook hands, Jeter responded: “Maybe you’ll call me back now.”

The two then traded jabs about playing golf and making dinner reservations.

And the exchange left NFL fans confused.

“Why Derek Jeter just ask why Michael Strahan hasn’t called him back.”

“Haha, ‘maybe you’ll call me back now’ Jeter to Strahan,” said another.

“Just rewatched the Derek Jeter announcement and man did he have some funny insults towards Strahan.”


Over the weekend, Michael shared a video of him and his mom engaging in a harmful but recreational activity.

The GMA host shared the picture with his more than 1 million Instagram followers to honor his mom on Mother’s Day.

The image featured Michael and his mom sitting next to each other, both wearing black and blue attire while holding cigars and smiling.

He captioned the post: “Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the Mothers out there!! Enjoy your day!!”

Michael added a special note for his own matriarch: “Love you mom, you are the greatest.”

The American journalist also included a hashtag in the caption, tagging #MothersDay.

Though his mom is reportedly between 80 and 85 years old, the picture he shared showed them both gleaming as they each held an unlit cigar in their hands.

In a second photo within the post, he and his mom smiled with matching gold bullet shell necklaces, which seemed to be keepsakes representing a dangerously exciting activity they did together.

The former professional football player received numerous comments from ladies who admire his relationship with his mother.

“Happy Mother’s Day to your mother as well,” someone said.

“I’ll be darned if you’re not the best son,” another said.

She added: “Next to mine of course.”

Author and former Wall Street attorney Jessica Dennehy chimed in: “We are all thankful to your momma because she gave the world YOU!”

She went on to say: “I’m sure she’s so proud of all you’ve done, but she should also be proud of herself bc she’s obviously an amazing momma!”

Someone even asked: “Did you two go shooting together? (The shell necklaces).”


Rob, Derek, and Alex joined him on top of the event’s barABC

Michael was among the group who tossed out autographed baseballs and footballs into the waiting crowdGetty Images

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