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Britney Spears’ fans think star is ‘missing’ & replaced by AI after they spot terrifying details in background of videos

Britney Spears’ fans think star is ‘missing’ & replaced by AI after they spot terrifying details in background of videos

BRITNEY Spears’ fans believe that the star is missing and has been replaced by an AI after they spot terrifying details in the background of videos.

Fans have shared numerous TikTok videos pointing to the bewildering occurrences happening in the Oops… I Did It Again singer’s videos.

TikTok/dramapawsBritney Spears’ fans believe that the star is missing and has been replaced by an AI[/caption]

TikTok/alecloinFans have spotted terrifying details in the background of Britney’s videos[/caption]

One TikTok, that furthered the theory that the Britney, 41, fans see on social media isn’t really her, showed the pop star’s face seeming to “glitch” as she danced outside her home.

The video was slowed down and reposted by a fan who explained that the recording appears to be a “Deepfake” of Britney’s face.

“Deepfakes use deep learning artificial intelligence to replace, alter, or mimic someone’s face or voice in digital media,” per Business Insider.

As the Grammy Award-winning artist moved her hands over her face, the features around her eyes appeared to change.

A TikTok user commented on the video: “Something isn’t right. Thanks for sharing this!”

Another person claimed it was Britney’s younger sister, writing “It looks like Jamie Lynn to me.”

TikTok/alecloinOne fan explained that it appears as if someone is using Deepfake technology to pretend to be the singer[/caption]

Others reasoned that it could be a makeup filter that’s been applied to Britney’s face.

One suspicious commenter responded: “Why would she put a makeup filter that makes her under eyes so dark.”

In another video, Britney’s reflection appeared to be missing in the wall mirrors behind her as she danced inside her home gym.

Fans speculated that the singer was AI-generated, as one person commented: “That is clearly someone else I ain’t even a Britney fan.”

Others noted that Britney appeared distressed in the video, writing “her voice is shaking,” “she keeps swaying,” and “she’s nervous.”

“Body language shows she is not in her comfort zone. Emotionally or bodily,” wrote another fan.

A third video, titled “Britney Spears Reflection Issues,” again brought up the mystery of the star’s reflection not matching the person being recorded.

The video captured the Toxic singer once again dancing, this time it appeared she was inside of her studio.

She donned a black shirt in the recording but in her reflection in the mirror she appeared to be wearing a “nude top.”

Fans again commented on what many people believed to be an image constructed by Artificial Intelligence.

This time though, commenters seemed to take a more reasoned approach.

One person stated: “It’s her hair.”

Another wrote: “Her hair is covering the top.”

While a third fan commented: “That was her hair….I see her black shirt. I think ppl are looking for something at this point.”


The iconic singer and songwriter was recently caught prancing around in a new nearly-nude clip, leaving fans shocked.

The woman known as America’s Princess of Pop shared the video with her more than 40million Instagram followers on Tuesday.

The post features clips of Britney dancing wildly in two different settings to various songs in incredibly revealing outfits with no bra underneath and messy hair.

One clip showed the star sporting tiny pink underwear and black boots with a bed and television behind her while swinging her arms around, groping her breasts, and sliding her undergarments down.

The video goes on to show her in a different room with a mirror behind her doing various unconventional dance moves with a red triangle two-piece bathing suit on, boots, and a western hat.

While wearing the small red bikini, the 41-year-old pop star touched her boobs, exposed midriff, and neck.

The artist regularly floods her social media account with posts of her dancing in sexy outfits.

Just hours before Britney posted the video featuring her in black boots, her followers were met with a clip of the star dancing in a small yellow top and tan shorts rolled down to show more of her skin.

She also wore brown heels while modeling and spinning around outside in khaki shorts.

One week ago, Britney posted another video on Instagram of her showing off her moves with arm movements and hip rolls in the same outfit seemingly somewhere else outside with rocks behind her.


Britney uploaded a new raunchy video of a steamy makeout session with her husband, Sam Asghari, amid rumored marriage troubles.

In the Instagram video, the Hold Me Closer singer donned teeny tiny shorts and a red top with flowers imprinted all over.

The pop singer wrapped her arms around Sam, 28, as the two locked lips.  

The raunchiness continued as Britney climbed onto Sam’s back and shook her booty at the camera. 

The two appeared in the middle of a large garden and stood under an arch of flowers. 

She captioned the post: “I feel so blessed to be with such an incredible husband who inspires me every day.”

The steamy clip appeared online after rumors swirled about the husband and the wife having marriage problems. 

The commotion started when Britney shared a throwback video about how she finds happiness.

In the brief clip, the pop star appeared to be enjoying her time in Mexico while sitting by a fire pit.

During the evening time, Britney perched on a sandy beach while playing with her dog Sawyer.

Her husband Sam also appeared in the video and was seen with another woman, who was basking in the outdoor weather.

The group watched as a mariachi band played while the palm trees swayed in the distance.

Britney eventually got into the groove before the twosome started dancing together.

She captioned the video: “Throwback to Mexico…before I got married…so happy and silly here!!!” with various emojis.

Fans jumped to the comments section and quickly voiced their concerns.

One fan speculated: “So she’s not happy now?”

Another fan claimed: “She’s obviously not happy now, then, but that also makes me say…the marriage still seems shammy.”

TikTok/coley_theoriginalFans pointed out that Britney’s shirt appears one color as she dances and another in her reflection in the mirrors behind her[/caption]

TikTok/britneyisnotfreeFans noted how ‘nervous’ Britney appeared in another recent video[/caption]

GettyWhile many fans continued to speculate on whether or not it truly is Britney in her social media videos, the majority just hoped that the singer is okay[/caption]

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