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Kim Kardashian shows off her G-string thong in racy cut-out dress in new photos from NYC trip

Kim Kardashian shows off her G-string thong in racy cut-out dress in new photos from NYC trip

KIM Kardashian has shown off her G-string thong while wearing a racy cut-out dress in new photos from her New York City trip.

The Hulu star visited NYC to promote her Skims Summer Pop-Up Shop stationed at Rockefeller Center.

SplashKim Kardashian showed off her G-string thong while wearing a racy cut-out dress in new photos from her New York City trip[/caption]

SplashKim’s dress featured circular-shaped cut-outs on her torso and hips that showed off the straps of her underwear[/caption]

Kim, 42, was seen wearing the revealing outfit while leaving the Ritz-Carlton hotel with her sister Khloe Kardashian, 38.

The Kardashians stars were headed to the 2023 Hulu Upfronts, where the Disney-owned streamer showcased its upcoming programming to advertisers.

The Skkn by Kim founder donned a low-cut, tight-fitting dress that flaunted the reality TV star’s shapely figure.

If the curve-hugging ensemble wasn’t enough, the black dress also featured circular-shaped cut-outs on her torso and hips that showed off Kim’s tanned skin as well as the straps of her g-string thong.

Khloe also bared her skin, in a sleeveless black crop top that brought attention to the Good American co-founder’s washboard abs.

She also sported an ankle-length, see-through skirt that left very little to the imagination.


While in New York, Kim finally addressed their long-speculated feud in a new interview with Today.

The recent trailer for the newest season of The Kardashians showed the Poosh founder “livid” with her younger sister.

Host Savannah Guthrie asked: “After all these years, are you ever like: ‘I think I’m done with showing everyone this part of my life.’”

The reality star replied: “When we signed up for this we wanted to always be super open and honest and there’s obviously different seasons where some people feel like they just have some boundaries and want to protect some things and then other people want to open up and share way more.

SplashKim donned the outfit to attend the Disney Upfronts in New York City[/caption]

“I’m so blessed that there’s so many of us that we can always respect each other’s space.”

Kim confessed: “This season was probably one of my – out of filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians or The Kardashians – this season was probably my most emotional and frustrating internally with family, that I haven’t really seen or experienced before.”

Savannah asked: “Why is that? They talk about some tension between you and your sister Kourtney over her wedding. Is that the source of it?”

“Yeah – and we’ve been there before and we’ll always be okay. We’re always family, that’s how we were raised. But I’m also proud that everyone’s really vulnerable because I’m sure so many other families have gone through similar things.

“Maybe on different levels or experiences but I’m proud that we’re still so open and still driven to show and share so much,” she admitted.

Savannah then asked Kim if there’s an “aftermath” when she has arguments with her family once the episodes finally air.

“Yeah there’s different cycles, you know you film it and we think we’re good, and we make up and then you edit it and I’m seeing all the things she’s saying about me behind my back and she’s seeing all the things I’m saying about her behind her back.

“The tension rises all over again, and then you have to wait more months for the audience to see it and get everyone else’s opinions. So it is a cycle, I think I like to look at it as therapy.

“But it gets really tricky and really emotional. But at the end of the day, we really love sharing our life and I don’t see that changing anytime soon,” she closed.


Fans have speculated that Kourtney, 44, and Kim have been at odds since the eldest Kardashian tied the knot with Travis Barker, 47, in May of 2022.

During a scathing preview clip for the new season of the Hulu show, Kourtney slammed her rival sister Kim for having “no respect” or “boundaries.”

The sneak peek was posted on The Kardashians Instagram account with the caption: “it’s all happening… watch #TheKardashians may 25 on @hulu.”

The preview showed the reflections of Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, 25, Kendall, 27, and Khloe as the sisters posed in slow-motion in a vanity mirror.

Snippets from the upcoming season were shown between the appearance of each sister, accompanied by voiceover provided by the featured Kardashian or Jenner.

The Skims founder was shown first, forming her famous pout in the mirror with her previously dyed platinum blonde hair still intact.

She could be heard saying: “Even with all the craziness, I don’t want to fight with family. Bottom line.”

The preview then cut to Kim and Kourtney at dinner, where the siblings appeared to be side-eying each other from across the table.

The Lemme founder was shown next, wearing sunglasses and large, ornate diamond-encrusted earrings.

Kourtney’s voiceover announced: “There’s no boundaries” and “There’s no respect.”

The trailer then flashed a clip of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum looking annoyed as her makeup was being applied.

Kylie appeared to be weighing in on Kim and Kourtney’s feud as the makeup mogul could be heard stating: “I don’t think that anyone’s in the wrong. I see both sides.”

Kendall’s voiceover rang out: “As sisters, we have to uplift each other,” before Khloe’s revealed: “The tension is brewing,” and asked, “How did we get here?”

The preview ended with a smiling Kim in a confessional, admitting: “It’s all going to come out on the show. This is our therapy.”

GettyThe Hulu star donned another black outfit, this time with bright pink heels, to promote her new Skims Pop-up in Rockefeller Center[/caption]

SplashKim wore the same outfit when being interviewed on Today by Savannah Gutherie[/caption]

Kim opened up about her feud with sister Kourtney Kardashian that will be featured during season three of the family’s Hulu reality showGetty Images – Getty

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