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American Idol fans beg for changes including ‘new judges’ and ‘better feedback’ after show is renewed for another season

American Idol fans beg for changes including ‘new judges’ and ‘better feedback’ after show is renewed for another season

AMERICAN Idol supporters have been declaring on social media that the show needs an upgrade.

Fans of American Idol were adamant about the showrunners improving the reality singing competition and took to social media to provide their critiques.

GettyAmerican Idol fans demand the ABC executives make changes to the show ahead of season 22[/caption]

GettyMany fans felt that the current Idol judges Lionel Richie Katy Perry and Luke Bryan need to be replaced[/caption]

GettyOther fans suggested that Idol went back to single-night eliminations[/caption]

The official Idol Instagram account shared a message that promoted the show’s return for a 22nd season on the platform on Tuesday.

“American Idol is coming back for another season,” the image text read.

The post’s caption encouraged fans to “sing along” with the contestants for “another season.”

An innumerable amount of fans flocked to the comment section to demand ABC executives make changes to the show for the upcoming season.


Single-night eliminations were the main thing fans repeatedly suggested.

One fan raged: “Cool. Go back to single elimination nights, and allow both coasts to watch and vote before elimination the following night.

“You’ve taken on the worst aspects of The Voice (multiple eliminations and host skits), despite having incredible talent.

“You had at least 10 stars this season, but they were rushed off the stage. Give them all more time to show us who they are.”

Another fan added in a reply: “@riptide42 All of this, plus allow the singers who are eliminated to have their one last ‘swan song.’

“The show used to do this, rather than have them rushed off the stage unless they’re chosen to sing for a judges save.”

A slew of other fans insisted that the show bring in new judges to replace the current ones: Katy Perry, 38, Lionel Richie, 73, and Luke Bryan, 46.

“New judges PLEASE,” one fan demanded.

Seconding the commenter, one fan added: “Of course, I just thought it was so refreshing to have Alanis and Ed on last week.

“I just feel like the 3 we have now have said all they are going to say… gets repetitive.”

Another advocated: “Make Alanis a permanent judge. She radiates joy and gives honest sensible feedback.”


This isn’t the first time viewers have complained about the accelerated elimination process or the judges, specifically Katy.

Recently, Idol fans slammed the show’s latest season, claiming it feels the format is rushed.

Viewers claimed that it ruins the show when multiple contestants leave at the end of each live episode.

Fans complained that the auditions process was dragged out and slammed producers for sending home 14 contestants in just one week.

One wrote on Reddit: “Anyone else feel like this season has felt so rushed?

“I loved this season initially but since we hit the top 20 I feel like they’ve just been getting rid of talent in droves and it hasn’t been as enjoyable for me.”

Another added: “I miss Idol from back in the day. When they had the top 12, and only one contestant went home each week. Those were the days!”

A third suggested: “Could easily cut a week of Hollywood and a week of auditions then add in two weeks or two nights of live shows.”

Yet another user commented, “The cuts were brutal this year. 26 to 20 to 12 in one week is just too much,” which another fan called “upsetting.”


Just like the elimination process, Katy has also caught flak for her hosting style on the show.

Last week, Katy was replaced on Idol, and fans were fine with that.

The Fireworks singer and her fellow reality show judge Lionel were overseas performing at the coronation of King Charles.

With Katy and Lionel both exported to London, Idol imported British legend Ed Sheeran, 32, as a replacement judge.

He was joined by Alanis Morissette, 48, as the remaining contestants sang the artist’s songs.

Both substitutes charmed contestants and the audience, and many people on Twitter begged to kick Katy to the curb.

“Best judges! @lukebryan @edsheeran @Alanis,” one person tweeted. “American Idol viewers are lucky today.”

One person called Alanis a “great permanent choice.”

Another complimented: “Ed Sheeran seems to be having fun, and he seems like a really pleasant guy.”

Fans celebrated Katy and Lionel’s absence before the show even began airing.

“It will be SOOOOOO nice watching Idol tonight without having to hold the remote so I can ‘MUTE’ Perry and Richie every time they open their mouths!” one person tweeted. “Now. change those two judges out PERMANENTLY!”

Katy was ripped for being “rude” to contestants throughout the season.

She has also been accused of “mom-shaming” a contestant.

But Katy isn’t the only person fans have taken issue with.

Idol viewers took to the Idol Reddit community asking if they could “please” get new judges.

One user there wrote: “Between their terrible saves, their constant praise of mediocrity, and standing for every act (I’ve never seen judges more guilty of this than these Idol judges), I think it’s time for a change.”

Others weighed in, and several agreed with the fan’s assessment.

One commented: “New producers and judges. They’re obviously told they can’t criticize anyone.”

Another agreed: “At this point, I wouldn’t even call them judges, since they don’t really “judge” performances anymore.”

ABCOther fans suggested that Alanis Morissette replaced Katy for good[/caption]

GettyAlanis sat in for Katy when she performed at King Charles III’s coronation concert on May 7[/caption]

GettyKaty often gets flak for how she hosts on Idol[/caption]

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