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Khloe Kardashian fans think the star looks totally unrecognizable in new photo that has fans asking ‘who is that?’

KHLOE Kardashian has fans saying her face looks unrecognizable in a recent upload to show love for her mom Kris Jenner.

The Kardashians star, 38, shared a new pic to her Snapchat Story on Sunday while standing next to her mom.

Snapchat/KhloeKardashianKhloe Kardashian fans believed the reality star looked totally unrecognizable in a recent Snapchat Story upload[/caption]

YouTube/First We FeastCritics thought The Kardashians star seemed to have altered her appearance as she posed next to her mom Kris Jenner to recognize Mother’s Day[/caption]

Khloe and Kris both opted for a pair of oversized sunglasses, with Kris additionally adding in a large sun hat and pair of hoop earrings.

“I love you mommy,” Khloe declared in the caption of the photo.

While it may have been a sweet shot to commemorate her love for the mom-ager extraordinaire on Mother’s Day, many viewers couldn’t help but notice Khloe’s changed appearance.

Khloe has often been called out by online critics for her weight and facial structural changes during her many years in the spotlight.

One viewer shared a screenshot of the Hulu star’s photo on Reddit, garnering responses from many users in agreeance.

Who is this on Khloe’s story with Kris?” the post maker declared. “I can’t tell who this is.”

One commenter wrote: “You know how people are literally always commenting on pics of Khlo “who’s that?” I’ve never understood that until this very moment when I had literally no idea that was her.”

“Who is on the right,” another replied, claiming to have no idea Khloe was in the photo.

Although some didn’t recognize the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum at all, many believed she looked just like her younger half-sister, Kylie Jenner.

“I thought this was a throwback that Kylie posted. Wtf,” one user wrote.

Another commented: “Definitely looks more like Kylie than Khloe. Uncanny valley for sure.”

Some believed Khloe even looked like “some weird AI hybrid of Khloe & Kylie,” especially due to the fact that Khloe’s lips appeared larger than normal in the photo.


Last month, the mom of two showed off her huge pout while posing in a fluffy pink beanie in two snaps posted to her Instagram Stories.

While the post was meant to show off her Mea Culpa knitted cap, fans were instead fixated on her overly plump lips and called her out in a Reddit chat room.

One user slammed: “It looks like her top lip is about to slide off.”

A second mocked: “Giving life sized Bratz doll.”

“This is so weird. Do they really think this looks good?” another questioned.

The comments come amid years of speculation over Khloe’s changing face and body, with some critics recently believing the Hulu star underwent surgery to increase the size of her lips.


In March, Khloe was accused of getting secret surgery on her lips after looking unrecognizable in another Snapchat video.

She posted a video of herself pouting on Snapchat, showing off her significantly larger-looking pout.

Fans were unsure if the effect was due to a filter or if she’d had a procedure done to her face.

One shared a screenshot on Reddit and wrote: “Did she get the cheek thing? Or more filler?”

Another added: “Those lips look painful can she even smile with them being so big??”

A third claimed: “It looks like she got a lip flip in addition to the filler, her upper lip has a new turn to it.”

Instagram / Khloe KardashianFans have accused Khloe of secretly getting surgery to enhance the size of her lips and look more like her sister Kylie Jenner[/caption]

Instagram / Tristan ThompsonKhloe’s life has been in the limelight since appearing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and continuing on The Kardashians[/caption]

Getty – ContributorFans believe Khloe Kardashian now looks unrecognizable after years of being called out by online critics for altering her appearance[/caption]

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