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Kardashian fans mock Kylie Jenner for new drink ad and agree she’s ‘not selling it’ in new photos of star in tight dress

Kardashian fans mock Kylie Jenner for new drink ad and agree she’s ‘not selling it’ in new photos of star in tight dress

KYLIE Jenner has shared a sponsored post online, but many of her followers have slammed the pics.

The Hulu star added two new photos to her Instagram grid this weekend.

HuluKylie Jenner’s new social media ad was criticized by her followers[/caption]

Instagram/kyliejennerThe TV star advertized a drink, but critics said she looked like she found it ‘disgusting’[/caption]

In the photos, Kylie reclined on a plush couch on her patio, with the sun beating down.

The 25-year-old wore a skintight dress, leaving her toned limbs completely bare.

The dress was a dark charcoal shade, but sheer to the point that Kylie’s bra was visible through the fabric.

It also featured a plunging neckline, and fitted perfectly to the contours of her tiny waist.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum had her hair down, and wore minimal makeup to show off her flawless skin in the natural light.

In the first photo, she held a thin drink bottle to her lips as she posed as though sampling it.

In the second, she rested her arm on the back of the couch to show off the drink, and held her head down and away from the camera.

As her caption, Kylie wrote: “glow baby glow @drinkglow #glowpartner.”


One of The Kardashian star’s followers reposted the shots on Reddit, where people were quick to talk about her facial expression and debated whether she had actually tried the drink.

“It looks like it doesn’t taste great by the photos,” said one person.

A second asked: “I wonder if she’s ever actually drunk it?”

“It kinda looks like her lips are fully closed so I don’t even think she’s drinking it,” another critic speculated.”

A fourth wrote: “In the first pic Kylie looks disgusted lol I don’t think good adv is supposed to be like that.”

“Who decided that this shot was the one? She’s not selling it tbh,” a final commenter summarized.”


This isn’t the first time Kylie’s social media displays and ads have made her fans skeptical.

Last week, she posted a snap of a Target shopping cart full of Little Mermaid toys, and wrote: “had to stop and get all the new little mermaid toys for storm,” and tagged actress Halle Bailey.

“Would bet someone a Starbucks Kylie did not go to target and take this picture herself,” one person wrote on Reddit.

Another person accused: “I hate to be a party pooper, but that is an ad. They have a contract with Disney (that owns Hulu) to promote their brands in several different ways.

“Kylie was asked to take this picture pretending that she went to a supermarket with her little cart (I’m shocked anyone believes that) and had to bought this merch, because Disney makes a s**t tons of money on new movies merch (because it costs nothing to make).”

Someone else agreed and simply commented: “Hashtag ad.”

Instagram / Kylie JennerSome of the star’s followers even pointed out that her lips appeared to be closed when she posed taking a sip, and pondered whether she’d actually tasted it[/caption]

Instagram/kyliejennerLast week, Kylie was slammed for posting a Little Mermaid target haul, with fans questioning whether she’d really gone into the shop, and saying it was an ad in disguise[/caption]

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