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Jeopardy! Masters contestant Matt Amodio shades game show in new tweet after he stumbles over TV question

Jeopardy! Masters contestant Matt Amodio shades game show in new tweet after he stumbles over TV question

JEOPARDY! Masters contestant Matt Amodio has gotten shady with the game show on social media.

After Matt’s mishap on a recent episode of Jeopardy! he took to Twitter to vent his concern about the state of the competition.

ABCJeopardy! Masters contestant Matt Amodio shaded the show after his loss Friday[/caption]

The Masters version of Jeopardy! that Matt competed in on Friday featured six highest-ranked current Jeopardy! contestants going toe-to-toe for the champion title.

Matt didn’t score so high during the show, having only $9,600 he banked near the end of the show.

However, his low points didn’t discourage him from risking his entire fortune made on-air that day on Jeopardy’s! Daily Double question.

Matt had a self-assured smile on his face when game show host Ken Jennings, 48, told him that the category was TV title references.

But his face became increasingly more compuzzled when Ken read him the question.

“What is the slang meaning undergoing the terrible agony of withdrawal from opiates like oxytocin,” Ken asked.

Matt stammered as he attempted to answer the puzzle.

He ended up getting the question wrong and losing his $9,600 because he was unable to answer Ken in the allotted time frame.


Ken told Matt that the correct show title that Jeopardy! was looking for was Dopesick.

Since Ken liked Matt’s attempt he gave him a chance to rebuild his Jeopardy! income, allowing him to choose another question to answer.

Matt answered that $2,000 question wrong too, which put him at -$2,000 just before the game ended.

In this game, he didn’t make it to the final round, nor did he take home any money, solidifying only third place.

After the game Friday night, Matt addressed the loss with his fans in a tweet.

“Tonight I made the cardinal sin of appearing on an ABC trivia show without an encyclopedic knowledge of all moderately successful shows in the ABC corporate portfolio,” he shaded.

“Do I have time to watch the entire Hulu catalog before Monday’s #JeopardyMasters?”


Fans of the game show also took to social media to opine on Matt’s defeat.

Tons of fans in a thread on Reddit had no sympathy for Matt, feeling that his loss was deserved.

“He should know well by now that Jeopardy does categories from all Disney brands,” one fan wrote.

Another added: “The reality is Jeopardy! contestants need to study up on streaming TV shows, even relatively lesser-known ones.

“They’re a consistent part of the subject matter rotation.”

A third fan cosigned: “Dope sick is an actual term for drug withdrawals though.

“You wouldn’t necessarily have needed to have seen the show on Hulu to know.

“Would he be upset if they asked the same question but not involving the TV category?”

Someone else noted: “While as I said on Twitter, I generally agree that knowing “every streaming show” would be a bit much…

“You maybe should know the last few years Emmy & GG winners…. Keaton won best actor I think for both for Dopesick.”

Though many weren’t on Matt’s side, there were a few who were.

“I strongly agree with the thought behind this burn,” one fan declared.

“It’s always an eye roller when they use Jeopardy in this way to promote obscure shows on the network.”

ABCMatt claimed that he made a ‘cardinal sin’ on the show by only knowing ABC shows[/caption]

Jeopardy!Many fans didn’t side with Matt and felt he should’ve been versed in streaming shows also[/caption]

ABCMatt ended the game with -$2,000[/caption]

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