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The View’s Sunny Hostin snaps ‘can I not be interrupted for a second?’ as she goes on heated rant on live show

The View’s Sunny Hostin snaps ‘can I not be interrupted for a second?’ as she goes on heated rant on live show

THE View’s Sunny Hostin has snapped after coming back from commercial break and having the other hosts talk over her.

Former President Donald Trump attended a town hall hosted by CNN on Wednesday night in New Hampshire.

The View’s panelists discussed Former President Trump’s participation in a town hall hosted by CNNABC

Sunny Hostin was particularly incensed by Trump’s participation in the town hallABC

During the town hall, he made a number of claims that some were upset about.

The View’s panelists had a discussion about Trump’s participation in the town hall meeting.

Sunny was particularly incensed about the incident.

“I think that the town hall will be studied in journalism schools across the country,” Sunny concluded.

As she continued speaking, Joy Behar spoke over her.

Sara Haines joined in as all three women tried to speak at the same time.

Then, Alyssa Farah Griffin started speaking as well, adding to the volume.

Sunny had been completely overtaken.

“Can I just not be interrupted for a second?” Sunny asked, exasperated.

She closed her eyes out of frustration for a moment.

After a beat, she continued.

She was finally able to communicate her feelings after everyone quieted down.


Meanwhile, Ana Navarro abruptly cut off Sunny during a heated live debate.

Fans were left shocked when Ana turned to Whoopi Goldberg to ask her opinion, in the middle of Sunny talking.

On Monday’s show, The View panel began the show by talking about the coronation of King Charles III.

The women all agreed that they liked watching it, except for Sara Haines.

She brought up that she was spending time with family that weekend and had better things to focus on, like coverage in Texas.

After Sara made her point, Sunny spoke up and said: “To your point, you know, the monarchy, and people don’t want to talk about it, they didn’t want to talk about it after the Queen passed, because they said it was too soon.

“The monarchy built its wealth on the backs of Black and Brown people. And that is just the truth. And that’s just the truth of it. But-“

Sunny was cut off abruptly as Ana spoke up and said, “What did you think of it, Whoopi?”

Sunny looked a bit annoyed, as she lowered her hands back down to her lap and stayed quiet as Whoopi talked.

Whoopi continued on with her point, which bounced off of Sunny’s.


Fans took to Twitter to comment on Ana cutting off Sunny.

“Ana kinda cutting Sunny off! #theview,” wrote one fan.

“Ana just cut Sunny off in the middle of talking! That was rude #TheView,” said another.

A third added: “Sunny didn’t get to finish her point! #theview.”

“Why did Ana just interrupt Sunny like that? #theview,” tweeted another fan.


Ana has argued with Sunny on set before.

In April, she blasted Sunny for encouraging her to move states.

Things became rather heated during an episode of the ABC show when Ana mentioned a banned movie.

As the panel listened, Ana, 51, explained: “In the 30 seconds I have left, I was so outraged this week because in Florida the new ban this week was they banned a movie about Ruby Bridges, the little six-year-old African American girl who integrated schools.

She then said: “This has gotten ridiculous!” as Sunny blurted out: “You gotta move.”

It took a few seconds for Ana to react to Sunny’s comment, but when she did, she seemed frustrated.

“I’m not gonna move!” she said, before adding: “I’m gonna stay in Florida and I’m gonna fight from there!”

“I don’t know,” Sunny mumbled.

Ana continued ranting: “So don’t tell me to move again! People write me and tell me to move.”

“I think you’d be happier in New York,” mom-of-two Sunny then said calmly as Joy Behar attempted to chime in.

However, when Joy realized that she wasn’t getting a word in, she sighed.

“Oh my God,” she said.

Attempting to explain her outburst, Ana turned to Joy and said: “No, because they tell me that, they tell me to move, I’m not moving!”

However, some viewers tuning in at home didn’t think Ana was being genuine.

Taking to Twitter, one person accused: “Ana with the fake outrage!”

Another fan of The View tweeted: “Whew! Ana is feisty!#TheView.”

A third person posted: “Damn Ana. Sunny was just joking. #theview.”

She tried to speak and was summarily interrupted by several of the panelistsABC

Sunny snapped and asked if she could not be interruptedABC

The others finally let her speak and Sunny was able to share her thoughtsABC

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