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GMA correspondent ‘blown off platform and loses umbrella’ in wild weather as Michael Strahan insists ‘that’s live TV!’

GMA correspondent ‘blown off platform and loses umbrella’ in wild weather as Michael Strahan insists ‘that’s live TV!’

GOOD Morning America viewers have received an up-close look at the intense weather in London after one of the show’s foreign correspondents was “blown” off a platform during Friday’s broadcast.

Michael Strahan has quickly assured the reporter, Maggie Rulli, that this is all a part making “live TV.”

Twitter/Good Morning AmericaMichael Strahan is in London to help with reporting on King Charles’ coronation for Good Morning America[/caption]

Twitter/Good Morning AmericaWhile checking in with ABC News Foreign Correspondent Maggie Rulli during Friday’s show, she had a bit of trouble due to the weather[/caption]

Ahead of King Charles’ coronation, Michael has been in London to help report on the preparations for the major affair.

During Friday’s show, the GMA host checked in with multiple correspondents in the area for updates.

For one segment, ABC News Foreign Correspondent Maggie had to hold onto a massive umbrella due to the heavy rain as she reported live from Westminster Abbey.

“A little rain can’t stop history,” she said, before going on to answer Michael’s questions about what big coronation moments fans can “expect to see.”

Toward the end of the report, though, London’s wild weather caused Maggie to scream out and cut off what she was saying mid-sentence.

After collected herself, she explained: “Whoa, Michael! In the middle of that, we had a big wind gust, and I got blown off the platform!”

“But don’t worry,” she quickly added, as she appeared back on camera, now umbrella-less and her hair blowing all over in the wind.

Maggie told Michael to “stay dry” where he is, and he teased back: “Well, you, stay up there period!”

He then added: “Well, live TV, Maggie. That’s what that is.”

“You lost your umbrella, but no detail for this coronation has been overlooked, and we’re gonna get you a better umbrella next time. We promise.”

Michael’s no stranger to having his own wild moments on live TV, as he just recently took part in an on-air lesson about being fake-slapped.

His instructor was none other than one of the queens of the fake-slap, soap star Susan Lucci.

Having starred on All My Children from 1970 to 2011, Susan has quite a few slap scenes under her belt.

Michael decided to ask the actress give him some pointers when she appeared as a guest on Tuesday’s GMA.

While Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos stayed seated, Michael and Susan rose from their chairs and met in the middle of the morning show’s stage.

Before they continued, the actress warned that they both had to truly “sell it” in order to make the slap scene seem real.

The two then put on their angry faces, as if they were in an argument, to help build the tension.

“Why would you ever do this to me, to my family,” Michael jokingly demanded during the scene.

She fake-slapped his face as she shouted: “Because you stink!”

The host looked to be in agony as he pretended the slap made his whole body twist to the side, before he crumpled to the floor in pretend pain.

Robin and George cracked up and clapped for the duo from the comfort of their chairs.

Twitter/Good Morning AmericaMaggie lost her umbrella and stumbled off the platform she was standing on due to the intense wind[/caption]

Twitter/Good Morning AmericaMichael assured her that that’s what happens on ‘live TV’[/caption]

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