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Little People’s Audrey Roloff ripped for post about marriage advice after star’s ‘expensive’ trips with husband Jeremy

Little People’s Audrey Roloff ripped for post about marriage advice after star’s ‘expensive’ trips with husband Jeremy

AUDREY Roloff has been slammed for her marriage guidance.

The Little People, Big World star posted a video with a long caption about relationships, but people thought her advice was unrealistic.

INSTAGRAM/audreyroloffAudrey Roloff came under fire for a new video and caption about her marriage to Jeremy[/caption]

Instagram/@audreyroloffThe star shared that it was essential to ‘romanticize your love story’ in her lengthy advice caption[/caption]

In the video, Audrey and Jeremy stood in their $1.5 million Oregon farmhouse.

Jeremy, 32, twirled Audrey around, before the pair shared a kiss and embraced.

On top of the footage, Audrey wrote: “To the marriages with toddlers and babies… Don’t ever stop romanticizing your love story.”

The 31-year-old also added a caption about maintaining a healthy marriage with children.

She wrote: “I know it’s hard…. This season can feel like A LOT. It’s harder to connect as a couple in the chaos of it all.

“But never stop romanticizing your love story. Never stop believing in the beauty, growth, depth, strength, and power of your love. The more you do, the more those actions and thoughts of love produce feelings of love, and the cycle continues.

“Don’t let the fear of being cheesy hold you back from a moment of meaningful connection. And don’t let the romance novels and tv shows distract or hinder you from romanticizing your own love story.”


The TLC star’s video was reposted on Reddit, where many fans of the show took umbrage with her message.

One person wrote: “These people are living a world that the average person does not. They do not work, they have no responsibilities, they are given extravagant trips one after another.

“It is insulting for them to be giving any kind of marriage or relationship advice.”

A second snarked: “Parenting for 10 hours a week must be SO ROUGH for her especially between all of her running and endless list of sponsored trips. Get a grip.”

A third added: “They’re ridiculously out of touch with how a “typical” couple, with kids, on an actual budget, behaves. Their idea of relatable is always some sort of YA version of a “romantic” gesture…”

“I doubt they’re on a typical budget so now they have lost touch with their audience,” one person theorized.

A further comment read: “I saw this in her stories this morning and I was pretty put off by it. I don’t agree with everything she says anyway, like raw milk, but I don’t get annoyed. This actually did irritate me.

“She is so out of touch with reality, of what it’s like to be a real down to earth parent, that it actually astounds me how spoiled and up her own a** she really is. Barf.”


Some critics slammed Audrey this month for her decision to take an expensive ski getaway and document it on social media.

Fans were not so pleased to see all the vacation content, and took to Reddit to criticize the LPBW star for “bragging” on social media.

“Jeremy and Audrey never struggle,” one claimed, while a second agreed: “You’re right. They appear to be well off with the oil sells and Beating 50% merchandise.

“Normal people in this economy are trying to survive with basics and not spending extra on vacations right now.”

A third observed: “I had to look, that room goes for $2000~ to $2800 probably more during snow season. What’s more is it’s only a two bedroom suite so there’s no way her parents are in the same room unless the kids are crashing on the floor/couch.”

“She no doubt writes off every trip because she is an ‘influencer.’ Also a narcissist, but that’s neither here nor there,” a final comment added.

Instagram/@audreyroloffLittle People fans criticized her words, calling her ‘out of touch with reality’ for many people[/caption]

Instagram/@audreyroloffFans pointed stated that Audrey and Jeremy don’t live like ‘typical people,’ and blasted her advice as ‘insulting’[/caption]

audreyroloff/InstagramMany critics pointed out the luxurious trips the couple takes with or without their children, and suggested that Audrey was not ‘down to earth’[/caption]

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