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Amy Duggar admits to plastic surgery procedure and shares unedited before-and-after photos

Amy Duggar admits to plastic surgery procedure and shares unedited before-and-after photos

AMY Duggar has shared new photos of her cosmetic procedure results.

The Counting On star posted on Instagram yesterday evening to show off her new face.

Instagram/ amyrachellekingAmy Duggar proudly unveiled the results of her first-ever Botox injections[/caption]

Instagram/amyrachelleking/voxy_aestheticsThe Counting On star exclaimed that she ‘couldn’t be happier’ with the effects of the procedure[/caption]

In the photos, Amy posed for a before-and-after close-up of her recent Botox injections.

In the first set of pics, the 36-year-old smiled widely to show off the changes.

The skin around her eyes, forehead, and mouth looked noticeably tighter in the “after” shot on the right.

The TLC personality also uploaded a photo of herself pulling a more neutral facial expression as she posed in front of the bright light.

Amy captioned the pics: “Sharing my Botox results!! I couldn’t be happier!! @voxy_aesthetics.”

In the comment section, some fans were unable to spot much of a difference, while others praised her fresh look.

One person wrote: “Love!! You look fabulous! I cannot live without my Botox!”

A second complimented: “This is what I need; just a little touch!!”

One of the TV star’s followers also reposted the first photo on Reddit.

On a forum about the Duggar family, one person theorized: “It looks like she got some fillers, too?”

Another person queried the “after” photo, and wrote: “It just looks to me like she is wearing full coverage makeup. And maybe a little photo manipulation to make her jawline bigger?”


Prior to this big reveal, on March 18 Amy documented the experience of her getting Botox for the first time.

She explained: “Hi, y’all. I’ve never had Botox before, I’ve never had any kind of fillers on my face – but today that all changes.

“I’m going to get botox right here,” Amy said, pointing to the area between her eyes and above her nose.

“And probably right here!” she added while she gestured to her cheekbones.

She added that she was excited for the boost of “confidence,” and “instant likability,” and then filmed the technician preparing her for the injections.


Amy’s Botox experimentation might come as a shock to her uncle Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle, who led her ultra-conservative family.

According to the Duggar family rules imposed by Jim Bob, women weren’t allowed to wear revealing clothes, meaning that high-cut shirts with long sleeves were preferred.

Some of the guidance went even further, suggesting that they shouldn’t have social media, consume modern entertainment, or even share front-facing hugs.

Amy is no stranger to rebelling against her uncle Jim Bob’s strict control over the family.

She often flouts the rules by wearing form-fitting clothes, and is vocally against her aunt and uncle’s conservative views.

Instagram/amyrachelleking/voxy_aestheticsFans were quick to praise Amy’s fresh skin, although some critics theorized that there was editing or fillers behind the changes[/caption]

Instagram/@amyrachellekingLast month, the TV star shocked fans after she documented the process of her Botox injections[/caption]

Instagram/duggarfamJim Bob and Michelle’s niece regularly flouts their conservative rules, often wearing revealing clothes or speaking out about the strict upbringing of their children[/caption]

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