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Little People’s Audrey Roloff shows off her $1.5M Oregon farm and ‘new friends’ in stunning new video

Little People’s Audrey Roloff shows off her $1.5M Oregon farm and ‘new friends’ in stunning new video

AUDREY Roloff has posted a new video revealing her farm life buddies.

The Little People, Big World star took to Instagram yesterday and shared a clip from her morning at home.

Audrey Roloff posted a video of her new companions on her idyllic farmInstagram/audreyroloff

InstagramThe stunning expanse of land was taken up by a content group of deer[/caption]

In the video, Audrey panned over her huge green yard.

The 31-year-old captured expanses of green grass, with beautiful trees dotted around the area.

Beyond Audrey’s fence, several deer happily roamed the area and munched on the greenery.

The TLC star captioned the video: “We have some friends!

“Good morning from another gray windy day in the farm.”

In May this year, Jeremy, 32, and Audrey bought a 1979-built two-story farmhouse in Hillsboro, Oregonfor an estimated $1.5 million.

The vast property boasts four acres of green hills and picturesque mountain views.

The farmhouse offered plenty of space for the spouses and their three children with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and the family also dropped $700,000 on renovations.

The couple’s purchase came after his plans to take over the Roloff family farm fell through.


Despite the recent move, the Roloffs have already come under fire for some of their actions of the farm.

Jeremy revealed on Instagram that they received their first lot chicks via mail, and that not all of them made it alive.

The couple was slammed for getting their new birds and making the discovery on the same day that they went on vacation to Disneyland.

On Reddit, fans criticized the reality TV stars’ priorities.

“I am just wondering why they had the chicks delivered the DAY before they leave for a trip to Disneyland……,” one commenter wrote.

Another commented: “they’re idiots for getting chicks right before vacation unless they have someone coming multiple times a day to check on them. They’ll come home to dead chicks.”

A third critic commented: “Who orders and receives delivery of chicks and then leaves on vacation?”

Someone else simply wrote: “A lot [of] people use a catalog to order fancy chickens. It seems horrible for the chickens.”


Alongside their expansive farm, Audrey and Jeremy have bought a cabin to market as a vacation rental.

The couple live in Portland, Oregon, but their new cabin can be found in Bend, Oregon.

The U.S. Sun exclusively confirmed through property records that the duo bought the home in September 2021 for $750,000 under a trust and LLC. 

The 2,961-square-foot home boasts three bedrooms and four bathrooms. It sits on 0.5 acres. 

Rental prices on Airbnb vary depending on the time of year, but the Roloff’s rental is currently available for $312 to $412 a night.

In addition to the nightly fee, renters will also be responsible for a $198 cleaning fee and additional Airbnb fees.

The listed price seemed to be too much for one critic who said: “$412/night…..bit much no?”

Another commented: “They want over $400/night for the cabin. I’m sorry, but I know of a lot more places like this for A LOT LESS. What are they trying to do? I’m sorry…but they are too ridiculous.”

audreyroloff/InstagramAudrey, Jeremy, and their three children moved into their farmhouse this year, and dropped $700,00 on renovations[/caption]

The stars have been slammed for some of their choices on the farm, including going to Disneyland after realizing that some of their chicks were deadInstagram

Instagram @audreyroloffThe couple also own a rental cabin, but some fans were shocked by its lofty rates[/caption]

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