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Ryan Seacrest spits out his drink and warns crew member ‘don’t laugh!’ after Kelly Ripa makes shocking admission on air

Ryan Seacrest spits out his drink and warns crew member ‘don’t laugh!’ after Kelly Ripa makes shocking admission on air

RYAN Seacrest and Kelly Ripa have shared a funny moment while presenting their show.

On Live with Kelly and Ryan yesterday, the latter host couldn’t hold back his laughter after Kelly made a grouchy comment.

APRyan Seacrest almost suffered a massive blunder live on air with co-host Kelly Ripa[/caption]

NBCThe duo hosted a segment about Oura rings, which track amount and quality of sleep[/caption]

The two hosts were presenting a segment about rings that track sleep schedules.

Kelly emphasized: “It’s the worst competition ever; ‘who got the least sleep and what quality of sleep was it?’”

Ryan admitted: “I was in bed for five hours 44 minutes, I got three hours 26 minutes of sleep. Not great! So I didn’t want to know that.”

52-year-old Kelly then shared: “I went to bed late and I got up too early. I don’t need to wear the ring. The ring irritates me. It tells me what I already know.

“Wait, the ring does what?” questioned Ryan.

Kelly doubled down on her admission: “It irritates me. It does.”

At this point, Ryan, 48, couldn’t hold in his laughter… unfortunately, he happened to be taking a sip of his drink at the time.

As Kelly continued her rant against the Oura ring, Ryan looked off-screen and yelled: “Devon don’t laugh loud, it’s gonna make me spit out my water.”


News that Ryan would leave the show after six years came out in February.

It was announced that he would be replaced by co-host Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos, who has filled in for him in the past.

The popular ABC show will be rebranded as Live with Kelly and Mark, Deadline reported.

Ryan will transition out of Live this spring and move back to Los Angeles from New York to shoot the 21st season of American Idol.

The daytime TV star said he was going to miss his “work wife” Kelly – who has hosted the show since 2001.

Ryan added that he was “excited to pass the baton” to Kelly’s “real husband” Mark and joked that the actor should “feel free to remodel my dressing room.”


Last month, Kelly talked to Variety about her anxiety over Ryan leaving.

He has been her co-host since 2017.

She has had three co-hosts – Regis Philbin, Michael Strahan, and now Ryan – come and go, as she’s remained a staple for over 20 years.

Despite knowing about the Ryan’s departure for a while, Kelly still said she suffered anxiety from his announcement.

She told the outlet that Mark consoled her about the decision.

“Ryan and Mark were like, ‘What are you nervous about? It’s going to be fine,’” Kelly told Variety.

“And I said to them, ‘You have to forgive me. I have a little PTSD.’”

NBCAfter Kelly went on a rant about how the ring ‘irritated’ her, Ryan struggled to keep his drink in his mouth and warned crew not to laugh[/caption]

GettyIn February news broke that Ryan would leave the show after six years, to be replaced by Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos[/caption]

ABCKelly admitted that she was worried about going on without Ryan, but Mark assured her that it would all work out[/caption]

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