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Wheel Of Fortune’s Vanna White cringes and shakes her head at co-host Pat Sajak’s wild comment in awkward on-air moment

Wheel Of Fortune’s Vanna White cringes and shakes her head at co-host Pat Sajak’s wild comment in awkward on-air moment

WHEEL of Fortune’s Pat Sajak, 76, has made a cringeworthy joke that even made Vanna White, 66, shudder.

This week was College Week Spring Break on Wheel of Fortune. Three constants from different colleges around the United States compete to win the popular game show.

ABCPat Sajak made a comment on tonight’s episode that made Vanna White cringe[/caption]

ABCAt the end of the episode, Pat said that next week there would be ‘burglary suspects’ on the show[/caption]

Contestant Malia is from Honolulu, Hawaii, is in her second year at Villanova College, and she’s studying international business and marketing with a minor in finance.

Malia made it to the bonus round of the primetime television show, and she was excited to win more money.

She chose the category “People,” and some of her final puzzle was filled in with the given letters before she started guessing.

The contestant even won a wild card in the game which allows her to pick an additional letter in the bonus round.

Unfortunately, the extra letter didn’t help much. Most of the board was still empty when it was time for her to solve the puzzle.

Malia lost out on an additional $40,000 because she couldn’t solve the puzzle, but she still walked away with $25,850.

Pat exclaimed, “That was pretty terrific!”

Once the show was over, it was time for Pat and Vanna to say goodbye to the audience.

Vanna announced it was the end of college week, and the host had an interesting reply.

He said: “We haven’t decided on our theme for next week. the last thing I heard we were working on burglary suspects week, but we’re still… we’re talking to legal.”

His off-color comment made Vanna cringe and give an awkward smile to the camera.


Earlier in the week, Pat joked that Vanna was the final player’s “prize” after they lost out on winning a new car.

In the end, Tomia Gordon was the final player on tonight’s episode.

Finishing the game with $31,700, Tomia had to answer the final puzzle so she could win a special prize chosen by the card she landed on on the final wheel.

Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t figure out the puzzle after receiving some letters to help her out.

Pat opened the prize card, which revealed she could have won a Volkswagen.

The Wheel of Fortune host was quick to say that she won Vanna White as she has the same initials as the car company.

“Vanna White. No! The VW,” he said.


Last week, the WWE took over WOF, and WWE star Austin Theory participated in the show’s special tournament.

The performer wore a halter top that cut off at his torso and displayed his entire abs and had a silver chain.

Pat said: “I have to ask you. Did you have to work as hard as I did to get the abs in that kind of shape?”

“It took some time,” Austin replied to which Pat joked: “I’ll bet.”

At the end of the episode, Pat made his way down to Austin and his teammate Ray, and the wrestler dramatically had his head in his hand.

This led the Wheel of Fortune star to ask: “Are you crying? Are you okay? It’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be fine, just fine. Earlier in the week, Ray won $24,850, and another $5,000 tonight – $29,850.”

Ray then jokingly told his partner, “We’re gonna buy you a full shirt.”

Austin responded by lifting his crop top to reveal his rock-hard six-pack.

Pat then jested: “We’re sellin’ that on eBay, take it off!” to which Austin almost complied.

ABCThis week on the show was College Week and the episode featured three college students[/caption]

GettyEarlier this week, Pat made another poor joke about Vanna being the contestant’s prize[/caption]

GettyLast week, the WWE took over the gameshow, and Austin Theory wore a crop top[/caption]

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