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Edward Furlong, 45, looks unrecognizable in rare photos 32 years after actor appeared in Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Edward Furlong, 45, looks unrecognizable in rare photos 32 years after actor appeared in Terminator 2: Judgement Day

ACTOR Edward Furlong has looked like he’s seen better days in new photos taken outside of his Los Angeles apartment.

The 45-year-old shot to fame in 1991 starring in Terminator 2 alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

SplashEdward Furlong looked worse for wear in the new snaps[/caption]

SplashHe left his apartment to take out the trash and do some laundry before heading back inside[/caption]

GettyHe was 13 years old when he struck fame as John Connor in T2[/caption]

The former child star looked disheveled in the new photos obtained by The U.S. Sun.

He exited his West Hollywood building in snaps first taken on Wednesday, only to head back inside soon after.

He donned a black tee shirt and blue hair comb that held back his wispy locks.

He appeared to have spent the night with Dawson’s Creek actress Monica Keena despite her filing a restraining order against him 10 years ago.

She was photographed leaving his place as well wearing in casual wear and no makeup.

Monica arrived at around 11 a.m. on Wednesday and the pair stayed at home for the day with Edward only emerging to throw out trash and pick up some laundry.

Monica also left for an hour at around 5 p.m. but was back at Edward’s by 6 p.m., not leaving again until 12:30 p.m. the next day.

Monica wore the same clothes as she arrived in and was noshing on a sandwich as they left together.

The duo was almost unrecognizable from their respective heydays as Hollywood stars.

Monica had a recurring role on Dawson’s Creek which hit the small screen from 1998 until 2003.

Edward, meanwhile, played the principal role in T2 and also appeared in other blockbusters of that era like American History X (1998).

SplashEdward spent a day holed up with Dawson’s Creek star Monica Keena[/caption]

SplashMinus some brief errands, the reclusive star stayed at home with the starlet[/caption]

SplashMonica left Edward’s in the same clothes she wore upon arriving – she was granted a restraining order against him in 2013[/caption]


Edward’s most recent brush with the law was a 2016 drug conviction, after which he has celebrated staying sober per Yahoo.

He’s appeared to reconnect with his former fling having celebrated five years of sobriety.

After bursting onto the scene, Edward spiraled fast and faced years of meth and heroin addictions that led to multiple arrests, per Page Six.

He first went to rehab in 2000 and sadly struggled with relapses and brushes with the law until going sober and sticking to it.

In April 2001, when Edward was 23, he was hospitalized with a suspected drug overdose.

In 2004, he was arrested for drunkenly trying to free lobsters from a storefront display per Fox News.

Years of meth abuse had rotted his teeth, and he got new chompers while getting sober.

“It sounds weird for me to be talking about teeth because I don’t live and breathe the way I look,” he told the Daily Mail.

“But every time I looked in the mirror, it just bummed me out as a reminder of what I had done for all those years.”


The struggling star shares his 15-year-old son, Ethan, with his ex-wife Rachael Bella. The couple was married from 2006 to 2014.

A failed three-year marriage with actress Rachael ended in 2009, he got a restraining order after allegedly punching her in the face in a drug-riddled rage, per Today.

He then began seeing Monica, but she was granted a restraining order against the actor in 2013.

He was later doled out multiple domestic battery charges from her and that paired with multiple domestic violence accusations have hurt his attempts at a major Hollywood comeback.


With his new teeth and new outlook on life, Edward celebrated the mile marker in February writing on his Instagram:

“From what I’ve seen sobriety is not something you win it’s something you continuously fight for.

“But making five years blows my mind, especially since I had never even made it a year before. If you’re struggling with sobriety just know, if I can make it this far anyone can.”

“All you need to do is decide you want to live and be willing to do anything to survive.

Life can be really f****** hard sometimes but if you keep marching forward to make it to the greatest parts it’s all worth fighting for. Don’t give up.’ “

SplashEdward Furlong reunited with his former flame in the snaps despite her restraining order[/caption]

GettyHe struck fame in 1991 but gained a reputation as a huge partier[/caption]

GettyEdward got new teeth and is now 5 years sober after years of arrests and addition[/caption]

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