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What does the ‘S’ in S Club 7 stand for? Rumours explained

What does the ‘S’ in S Club 7 stand for? Rumours explained

S CLUB 7 brought a generation of fans up on their music and TV shows.

The band remains popular with their fans to this day and any mention of reunion tours is always met with anticipation and immediate searches to see how tickets can be obtained.

AlamyS Club 7 shot to fame in the late 90s after the band was formed[/caption]

What does the ‘S’ in S Club 7 stand for?

For as long as the band have been releasing music, people keep asking the question “what does the S stand for?”

Although there is no official line on the subject on any of the material from the band, it is believed that the S stands for Simon.

Simon Fuller, the creator of the band, has always been the person whose brainchild the formation was.

He is most well-known for being the manager of popular band The Spice Girls around the same era.

How long has S Club 7 been performing?

S Club 7 first found fame when they had their own television show called Miami 7.

They released the themetune to the show as their first release.

This was back in 1999 and “Bring It All Back” got to number one in the UK charts.

Receiving the phonecall from their record company to tell them they had achieved top spot was met with cheers and celebrations from every member.

Who are the members of S Club 7?

Rachel Stevens

Possibly the most successful of all the members, when the band decided to go their separate ways Rachel Stevens went on to have a successful solo career.

She bagged herself a mega-money album deal once the S Club days were over, making an instant impact with her No2 debut single Sweet Dreams My LA Ex.

From her two solo albums she boasted seven top 40 singles.

After having successful stints on Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice, Rachel launched her own fashion collection with Oasis.

Jo O’Meara

Jo O’Meara was always labelled as the stand-out voice from the band.

Even Simon Fuller went on to say that she would be the next Christina Aguilera after the split of the band.

Sadly, this did not materialise for her.

After releasing her second solo album “With Love” in 2021 she was hoping to continue with her schedule of concerts after having an operation to remove part of a disc in her back.

Bradley McIntosh

Since the break up of the band Bradley McIntosh continued with his music, firstly forming boyband Upper Street with Dane Bowers and Jimmy Constable.

He went on to launch a solo career in 2008 and has written songs for JLS.

He has been involved in most side projects relating to S Club 7 ever since the split.

Hannah Spearritt

Before joining S Club 7, Hannah Spearritt was a budding actor.

Once the band split she continued to pursue her acting and appeared in some films including the Chucky franchise.

She also appeared in ITV show Primeval and dated co-star Andrew Potts-Lee.

Hannah now has two children, Tora and Taya, with her nutritionist partner Adam Thomas.

Jon Lee

After the band split, Jon Lee went back to his theatre roots, playing Marius in Les Misérables among many other roles.

He also appeared on ITV reality show Dinner Date as he tried to find love outside of the band.

Tina Barrett

Tina Barrett kept the S Club flame alight as she continued perform as a trio with Bradley and Jo.

She had a baby in 2016 with boyfriend Paul Cashmore, a son they named Roman.

Even after this, whenever people see her, the first comment made is often about her age-defying looks.

Although she split from her boyfriend of six years, she still regularly appears on shows such as The Hit List.

Paul Cattermole

Paul Cattermole had a rollercoaster of a time after the split of the band.

Eventually he had a complete career change as he became spiritual coach and psychic.

The heart-throb of the band during S Club 7’s heyday, news recently broke that the former bandmember had sadly passed away.

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