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Today’s Jenna Bush Hager admits to suffering beauty blunder while struggling to fix issue as show cuts to commercial

Today’s Jenna Bush Hager admits to suffering beauty blunder while struggling to fix issue as show cuts to commercial

TODAY star Jenna Bush Hager’s hair has stolen the spotlight on the latest morning show episode.

Jenna acknowledged on-air that her hair wasn’t cooperating with her after she attempted to adjust it multiple times during Thursday’s episode of Today.

NBCToday star Jenna Bush Hager struggled with keeping her hair neat on the show[/caption]

NBCJenna repeatedly tried to keep her from getting into the food she ate during a segment[/caption]

On April 6, the Today Twitter account shared a clip from the morning show of Jenna, 41, and her co-host Hoda Kotb’s, 58, segment Today Food.

During the segment, the TV personalities interviewed Food Network star Chef Alex Guarnaschelli as she prepared her mom’s linguine with clams recipe for the hosts.

Midway through the segment, she handed a plate to the news reporters so they could try what she cooked.

While Jenna was eating, her bouncy tresses kept falling into her face.

She ran her fingers through her hair subtly, repositioning her golden brown hair strands away from her mouth.

When Jenna tried to keep eating, her hair repeatedly kept coming toward her mouth.

Near the end of the segment, her hair looked slightly disheveled, proving her finger combing to be futile.

Jenna realized her defeat, explaining that her hair was still “all over the place” before she rushed to break.


This wasn’t the first time something awkward happened to Jenna on the show.

Jenna suffered a wardrobe malfunction during Today With Hoda and Jenna in December 2022.

Upon realizing it, she slammed her co-host Hoda not telling her about the issue sooner.

During the episode, the latter namesake host ran into a bit of trouble with her appearance a few minutes into the show.

The hosts got to talking about the “most stressful TV scenes of 2022,” before Jenna started to deal with some of her own stress.

As Jenna sat open-mouthed, trying to figure out where to take the show next, Hoda looked over at her and realized there was something wrong with her make-up – though Hoda apparently had realized it earlier, too.

“Go like this,” Hoda told Jenna, while pretending to wipe something off her own front teeth.


Exasperated and arms out wide, Jenna asked: “I have lipstick on my teeth again?”

Hoda laughed and admitted: “No, it’s still from before.”

While she was glad to get rid of the lipstick on her teeth now, Jenna blasted her co-host for waiting so long to bring it up.

“I don’t understand, why didn’t you tell me earlier,” she asked, before adding: “You always tell me at the end of a chat!”

Trying to defend herself, Hoda explained: “No, no, I always tell you first thing, but it wasn’t there. 

“And then it was faint. So I was like, ‘You know what? It’s not that noticeable.’” 

She started to laugh, despite Jenna looking upset, and added: “Then after a few more conversations, you could see it.” 


Jenna blasting Hoda for not telling her soon enough about her lipstick-stained teeth comes just days after Hoda accused her co-star of “gaslighting” her.

Hoda started a conversation about Merriam-Webster’s dictionary’s word of the year.

“By the way, the word of the year still is…” Hoda said, as Jenna confirmed: “Gaslighting!”

Jenna then said: “Which is so true, we’ve overused it y’all!”

Though she agreed, Hoda went on to accuse Jenna of such behavior.

“You did gaslight me one time,” Hoda claimed as her co-star gasped and fired back: “I gaslit you?!”

Hoda shouted over her: “Yeah you did, you did, you did, you did, I’ll tell you when you did it!”

She continued: “Okay, so one of the games we played, you went over the time to decorate the cookie or whatever it was, and then I said, ‘You went over the time’, and you said, ‘No I didn’t, no I didn’t’.

“And I was like, ‘Well you did because it went ding and it was over.’

“Then you’re like, ‘Guys did I? Did I? I did not, I did not! I stayed within the rules.’ I was like, ‘Wait a minute, what’s happening right now?’”

Hoda then explained: “So gaslighting is when you know it’s not true, but you keep going until the other person thinks they’re crazy, that’s what it is!”

ABCJenna admitted that her hair was all over the place toward the end of the segment[/caption]

ABCThis wasn’t the first time Jenna had an awkward moment on the show[/caption]

GettyDuring a show in December 2022 Jenna had a wardrobe malfunction[/caption]

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