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Today’s Hoda Kotb ‘totally shocked’ as Jenna Bush Hager helps her celebrate wild milestone live on air

Today’s Hoda Kotb ‘totally shocked’ as Jenna Bush Hager helps her celebrate wild milestone live on air

TODAY’s Hoba Kotb has celebrated a huge career milestone with co-host Jenna Bush Hager. 

Hoda, 58, recently spoke about her 25th anniversary at NBC News.

TodayHoda Kotb celebrated 25 years being at NBC News[/caption]

TodayHoda spoke about the early days of her career with Jenna Bush Hager[/caption]

During Thursday’s segment, the Today host jokingly mentioned her mother brought up the achievement in conversation.

Hoda said: “I have to tell you. I was totally shocked!

“In fact, my mom texted me. She took a screengrab and said: ‘Oh wow! 25!”

Co-host Jenna, 41, added: “How amazing is that?”

The NBC star replied: “It’s such a fun 25 years! 

“I wondered why in any relationship you have, whether you’re in a relationship with a friend or a boyfriend, or even in a job, how does it not feel like all those years?”

She continued: “I think it’s because it kept changing. Everything was changing for many years. I loved it!

“I worked for Dateline. I felt unworthy of that job. And I remember standing next to the. They said: ‘Change this. Change that. Nothing was right about me.”

Jenna added: “And now, how does it feel 25 years later?”

Her co-star continued: “It’s really surprising because I think if you were ever one of those people put in a box, and I was because I only covered hard news. When the lighter fare came up, the bosses were early on against me

She went on: “I had one person who fought for me. She said to me: ‘I’m going to help you! I want you to be one in my office, not the boring one you are on TV. Be the one I know!”

Hoda concluded: “I was so busy trying to be right. I didn’t realize imperfections are actually what makes something work.”


Before her anniversary, the Today host appeared to be having fun with co-host Savannah Guthrie, 51, on Tuesday’s episode.

Nick Lachey appeared on their POPStart segment to promote the reunion special for the fourth season of Love is Blind.

Hoda spilled one of Savannah’s secrets to the 98 Degrees singer.

“You should know that on this couch that there is one person who is especially crazy about this show,” she said.

Savannah chuckled, put her head down, and raised her hand.

“I confess!” she yelled.

After they finished the interview, Savannah told her crush: “I’ll be watching Nick.”

“Yes, you will!” Hoda shouted.


Before the upcoming new movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the TV personalities shared their own Barbie posters on social media.

Savannah smiled in her pic and wore a chic black dress as the tagline read: “This Barbie is a legend.”

While wearing a cobalt blue blazer, Hoda looked happy being described as an “inspiration.”

TodayJenna interviewed Hoda and asked questions about her 25th anniversary[/caption]

NBCSavannah and Hoda pictured on the set of Today[/caption]

NBCJenna Bush Hager pictured with co-host Savannah Guthrie[/caption]

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