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Sister Wives star Christine Brown shows off drastic weight loss in skintight black pants and purple top in new video

Sister Wives star Christine Brown shows off drastic weight loss in skintight black pants and purple top in new video

CHRISTINE Brown from Sister Wives has posted a new video where she’s wearing super tight pants that flaunt her trim waist.

Christine, 50, posted the video on her Instagram Stories earlier today to show off her favorite hair styling tool.

christine_brownsw/InstagramChristine Brown flaunted her amazing weight loss in a new Instagram video[/caption]

Instagram/christine_brownswIn the video, she’s promoting a blow-drying hair brush in her bathroom[/caption]

She held up a black and pink blow dryer hairbrush as she stood next to her bathroom sink.

The Sister Wives star was wearing a flowy purple shirt and tight black pants that hugged her tiny waist.

She called the brush her “new favorite best friend,” and explains that she’s “not coordinated enough” to use a brush and a hair dryer at the same time.

That’s why she uses the “super easy” Hinovas blowdryer brush that she’s showing in the video. She said, “It’s a must.”

The TLC star captioned the video: “This brush is all in one, versatile, gentle, an effective hair drying, styling, and volumizing tool. It’s a game changer.”

She then posted a video of her actually using the brush to style her long blonde hair.


Today, Christine also shared a new video on the official Instagram page for The Secret to Selfcare, a business account run by Christine and Janelle Brown, as well as her daughter Maddie.

The clip began with a photo of Janelle, 53, smiling as she held some products up to the camera.

A montage then played out that showed Maddie posing with a drink, and then Christine with a bottle of pink liquid and a tablet in her hand.

Christine looked delighted as she poured a sachet of powder into her bottle and started to shake it.

The mother of six then decided to show off some of her dance moves as she started shaking the bottle in order to make sure the drink was mixed properly.

As she moved around the kitchen, Christine flaunted her slimmer figure in a long-sleeved purple top and black leggings.

It’s not the first time that the video has been shared on social media, as Christine used the footage in a separate post last month.

The post was captioned: “How simple is that? Easy peasy! Spring Challenge happening- JOIN US!”

The next clip showed Christine standing further away from the screen as she rubbed her flat stomach after she celebrated “no more food baby” earlier this week.


Earlier this week, The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that Christine has plans for her own spinoff show without her ex-bestie Janelle.

Christine’s life after her split from husband Kody Brown, including her new romance with boyfriend David Woolley, 59, has caused tension between her and Janelle, sources have claimed.

A source told The U.S. Sun: “Christine has abandoned the whole Sister Wives’ ‘covenant.’ She’s working on trying to get her own show.

“It could be either heavily focused on her cooking, or her life after polygamy.”

In February 2022, Christine started her own digital cooking show, Cooking with Just Christine, but she hasn’t uploaded new cooking videos in months.

The insider continued: “David, for sure, would be featured on her spinoff, and her children – 100 percent Mykelti.”

The U.S. Sun previously reported that Janelle and Christine’s rumored spinoff was “in development” after having “serious talks” with producers.

Now, it appears Christine has gone in a different direction after her estranged pal reportedly “doesn’t approve” of her love life.

Janelle is really disgusted with Christine,” a source told The U.S. Sun. “She finds [Christine’s public posts with David] repulsive. It’s not appropriate for her at all.”

The mom of six, according to the source, felt her public display of affection was “too much too soon.”

Christine and David debuted their relationship on Valentine’s Day and since then have been gushing about each other on Instagram.

Instagram/christine_brownswChristine was wearing skintight black pants that showed off her fabulous figure[/caption]

InstagramChristine has lost a lot of weight since her separation from her ex-husband Kody[/caption]

Instagram/david__woolleyChristine has moved on from her marriage with her new boyfriend David Woolley[/caption]

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