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Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown, 21, reveals true feelings about mom Christine’s new man after brother Paedon slams romance

Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown, 21, reveals true feelings about mom Christine’s new man after brother Paedon slams romance

CHRISTINE Brown’s daughter has finally revealed what she really thinks of her mom’s new boyfriend.

One of the Sister Wives‘ sons has already shared his disapproval of the new love.

InstagramGwendolyn Brown opened up about her mom’s new love[/caption]

Instagram/david__woolleySister Wives’ Christine Brown has moved on with David Woolley[/caption]

In an Instagram Live, Christine and Kody Brown‘s daughter Gwendlyn, laid it all on the line.

“Yeah, I do like my mom’s boyfriend,” the 21-year-old gushed about her mother’s romance with David Woolley. “I think he’s a lot of fun.”

And she’s not the only one.

“He and Truely get along really well, which is what I was most concerned about,” Gwendlyn added about her 12-year-old sister.

Just don’t expect her to act like David, 59, is a replacement for her real father.

“I’m not calling him dad,” she confessed. “Even if there’s a fire.”

Gwendlyn is one of six kids Christine, 50, shares with Kody. The show regular said most of her siblings have given David a stamp of approval.

“We think he’s fun,” she said. “As a person, we like him.”


But some seem unconvinced.

Christine and Kody’s son, Paedon, 24, admitted he’s concerned his mother is moving too fast in her new relationship.

“Last night [I told her], ‘Hey Mom, you’re going fast. I’m not telling you to slow down. I just want you to be aware that you’re rushing this,” the Utah native explained on TikTok.

“You were in – you’ve been in a bad relationship [with Kody Brown] for years.’”

Paedon is Christine’s middle child with her ex-husband, Kody, 54, whom she split from in November 2021.

“She was in a bad relationship…it was actually good at one point…but at least for the past, minimum, five years you’ve been in a bad relationship, and I’m really sorry about that,” he continued.

“…You’re now rushing into this relationship [with David] very, very quickly,” Paedon said to his mom.


However, despite his reservations, the Sister Wives star confessed that he’s “happy” that his mother is in such a good place.

“I’m very happy for her. I’m very happy that she’s happy. It’s absolutely amazing,”

Paedon also said that Christine asked him his thoughts about David, recalling his response: “I told her that I’ll probably never be really close with him, but that’s not a problem at all.

“My mom was never close to her stepdad. And that’s OK… I’ll probably never be close with David. But that’s OK. She’s happy, and I’m very, very happy for her,” he explained.

Paedon offered further insight into his dynamic with David saying they’re both “standoffish.”

“We’re both tall guys. We’ve both got a lot of experience, but he’s got way more [life] experiences,” he said.

“It will never turn violent. I’ll never hit him, and he’ll never hurt me.”

He then clarified that he thinks David is a “wonderful guy” and that what he thinks does not affect his mother’s relationship.

“She can move as fast as she wants. She’s an adult,” he said. “I’m just looking at this as her son… it’s completely up to her. She can move as fast as she wants. It’s her life. It’s completely up to her.”

Paedon added: “However if she asks for my opinion, I give her my opinion. And now you guys have asked for my opinion, and I’ve given my opinion to you guys.”

YouTube/Gwendlyn BrownGwendlyn Brown spilled the tea in an Instagram live[/caption]

Instagram/christine_brownswThe Sister Wives star went public with her new romance on Valentine’s Day[/caption]

YouTube/ John YatesChristine’s son, Paedon, isn’t as convinced about the new love[/caption]

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