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Little People’s Audrey Roloff shows off fit figure in crop top and skintight leggings despite strict Christian beliefs

Little People’s Audrey Roloff shows off fit figure in crop top and skintight leggings despite strict Christian beliefs

LITTLE People, Big World star Audrey Roloff has shown off her fit figure in sportswear in a new social media post.

In an Instagram Story, Audrey, 31, showed off her toned tummy in a crop top and skintight leggings, despite her strict Christian beliefs that typically do not allow provocative clothing.

Instagram/@audreyroloffAudrey Roloff has been showing off photos from her recently family ski trip[/caption]

Instagram/audreyroloffThe TLC star showed off her fit figure in a gym selfie[/caption]

The LPBW alum posted a gym mirror selfie video onto her Instagram Stories while on the family’s luxury Utah ski trip.

Audrey showed off her incredibly fit body, giving a thumbs up to the mirror.

She captioned the post: “Haven’t run this whole trip until today but 9,000 feet altitude that’ll getcha.”

In a slew of recent Instagram Stories, Audrey shared her ski trip with her husband Jeremy Roloff, 32, and their three children: Ember, five; Bode, two; and Radley, one.

The LPBW alum revealed she booked the grand suite – which included a flat-screen TV, balcony, and fireplace – at the Stein Eriksen Lodge. 

The three-bedroom suite – with two hot tubs- costs up to $1,738.51 per night.

In a video tour of the grand suite, Audrey captioned the post: “We came to the Stein Lodge nine years ago.

“Jeremy was filming a video for the resort, and I was on a fitness retreat with a bunch of bloggers.”

She then uploaded a clip of Jeremy reading to Radley while the other children stared at the crackling wood in the fireplace.

While standing on the balcony, Audrey looked around and basked in the snowfall.

In an online thread, critics slammed the former reality stars for their “wasteful spending on another trip.”

“It must be so frustrating taking so many trips. God, how awful…” one person mocked.

Another sarcastically mentioned: “Audrey and Jeremy have to bear the burden of multiple vacations a year. I don’t know how they manage.”

A third user added: “Some people are so oblivious to what the rest of the population is going through.”

“Audrey is such a real humble bragger, isn’t she?” a fourth person reacted.

A commentator chimed in: “They left for Disney for a day or two. With the kids too! Now they want to take another trip!”


The TLC star posted a short clip of her children onto her Instagram Stories.

In the video, Audrey’s older children enjoyed a hot tub on a patio overlooking the snowy slopes.

Ember and Bode hopped into the steaming water as their mother filmed them.

However, one of the 31-year-old‘s followers reposted a screenshot of the moment to Reddit, and Little People, Big World fans disagreed over the appropriateness of hot tubs for children.

The original poster shared a screenshot, along with the caption: “Audrey and Jeremy’s kids in the hot tub, again. I feel like that’s a big no-no.”

People were quick to respond, and some agreed that Audrey and her 32-year-old husband Jeremy were in hot water for their decision.

One person said: “My only complaint is when I’m trying to relax in a hot tub and children come in and start yelling and splashing everywhere.

“Hot tubs are for adults. If this is a private hot tub, as long as the temperature is lowered I don’t see a problem.”

The commenter also added that they wouldn’t invite the kids along for the luxury moment: “If I paid to go on a nice vacation however, I don’t enjoy sharing the hot tub with children. Children become little heathens when water is involved lol.”

Some others disagreed with the judgment.

One wrote: “This is totally fine in my eyes. My kids have been in the hot tub in winter with snow all around. It’s a cool memory and if they start to get too warm they sit on the side. We always have water with us too. Let these babies be.”

Another stated: “This is so silly. They are fine. The parents are right there with them. I’m sure they only last a few minutes and move on to something else.”

audreyroloff/InstagramAudrey was ripped for ‘flaunting’ her trip on social media[/caption]

Audrey Roloff/InstagramCritics called their trip ‘wasteful spending’[/caption]

Instagram/audreyroloffSome grew concerned after Audrey allowed her children to take a dip in the hot tub[/caption]

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