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Khloe Kardashian responds to fans’ outrage over star allowing daughter True, 4, to wear heavy makeup

Khloe Kardashian responds to fans’ outrage over star allowing daughter True, 4, to wear heavy makeup

KHLOE Kardashian has responded to fans’ outrage over allowing her daughter, True, to wear a lot of makeup.

On the Hulu star’s social media accounts, Khloe has uploaded many pictures of True, 4, wearing makeup — which has sparked outrage from fans saying that Khloe is allowing True to act “too mature.”

YouTubeKhloe guest starred on The Jennifer Hudson Show[/caption]

Instagram/Khloe KardashianTrue painted her face purple in a recent social media video[/caption]

Now, Khloe is responding to the backlash.

During an interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the mother-of-two explained that True is into makeup.

“I like her to explore and do her thing,” she explained.

“At this age, they don’t really know. They think it’s just like face painting and fun stuff that drives me crazy.”

Then, they showed a video that Khloe took of True painting the color purple on her face. She explained that she left the room for a moment and came back into their “glam room” to look at the masterpiece True drew on herself.

“Look at that face. How could you be mad,” Khloe laughed.

She explained to Jennifer that she “loves kids to be kids” and how she lets them “do their own thing” and get as messy as they want.


The reality star threw her eldest child an elaborate bash over the weekend to celebrate her big day.

Last weekend, Khloe’s sister, Kylie Jenner, 25, took to TikTok to share highlights from the party, though fans weren’t pleased with one detail.

At one point in the clip, Kylie hugged the birthday girl as they smiled at the camera.

“Happy birthday, True! I love you,” she told her niece before kissing her on the cheek.

True wore a pink outfit with the number five and an image of Tweak from the kids’ series Octonauts on it to match the party’s theme.

She sported her dark curly hair in a ponytail with the front strands framing her face.

However, fans noticed True also had on sparkly eyeshadow and took to the comments to react.

“Why does Khloe let True wear makeup? She’s 5! Let her be a kid,” one person wrote.

While others also commented on Khloe’s treatment of her firstborn child.

“Khloe screaming in the background, ‘get it together!’” someone said with multiple crying, laughing emojis.

“I feel like it’s True’s birthday every day or am I bugging,” another remarked.


Khloe was also recently under fire for using a filter on True.

Concerned fans noted how True reacted in a worrying way after she herself appeared to notice the filter placed on her face.

Khloe posted the workout video taken inside her state-of-the-art private gym.

True popped in before the 38-year-old could start exercising, and began chatting to the camera.

The eldest child of Khloe and Tristan Thompson shared: “In two weeks I’m not gonna go to school because of Spring break.”

She held two fingers up to emphasize her excitement and then brought them to her nose to make a funny face.

When she removed them, her face seemed to glitch and her features briefly changed.

True then pinched her nose and got close to the camera, looking intently at her face on the screen.

One of the Hulu star’s followers reposted the snippet on Reddit, along with the question: “Anyone else notice the filter glitch on poor True?”

They added: “I get putting filters on yourself, but on your child? Khloe needs to stop placing her own body issues and f**ked beauty standards on her little girl.”

One person responded: “My god you’re right! That’s pretty disturbing if you think of it?! Poor girl!”

“The nose pinch by True is actually sad. It’s like she notices the difference the filter makes and was testing it,” another added.

A commenter said: “It’s nothing bad about beautiful True, it’s her shallow mother that makes me sick.”

“Oh my god she is already teaching her daughter because she noticed the difference in her nose. Soon she will be questioning why her nose doesn’t look like the filters. Terrible,” a fourth lamented.

One concerned comment read: “I feel so horrible for true. She is literally so adorable, and seems like a sweet girl. She deserves so much better. Why are you filtering your daughter? Why is she always lightening her, slimming her, and changing her features? …”

YouTubeKhloe Kardashian responds to fans’ outrage over star allowing daughter True, 4, to wear heavy makeup (says she lets kids be kids and be messy and play),[/caption]

Instagram/Khloe KardashianTrue will be turning five on April 12[/caption]

Instagram/Khloe KardashianKhloe is now a mother-of-two after welcoming a son in 2022[/caption]

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