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Kardashian critics fear Kylie Jenner’s lips are so big they will ‘burst’ after getting ‘too much’ filler in new photos

Kardashian critics fear Kylie Jenner’s lips are so big they will ‘burst’ after getting ‘too much’ filler in new photos

KARDASHIAN fans have been worried about Kylie Jenner’s plumper pout on social media.

Kylie’s lips sparked conversation among fans after they appeared enormously enlarged in the recent photo slide show she shared on social media.

Instagram/Kylie JennerKylie Jenner’s lips sparked conversation among fans online because of their size[/caption]

Instagram/Kylie JennerKylie’s pout appears to be even plumper than normal[/caption]

Kylie’s, 25, snaps were taken up-close, spotlighting her sharp jawline and prominent chin.

The camera flash illuminated her glowing skin, bringing attention to her blushed makeup look and sleek manicured eyebrows.

Kylie, who stars in the Hulu series The Kardashians, brought out her cheekbones with a reddish-pink blush and enhanced her light brown eyes with a glossy eyeshadow the same color.

The reality personality’s sizeable lips were heavily smeared in bubble-gum pink lip gloss, highlighting just how hefty they were.


In an online forum on Reddit, fans discussed the incredible increase of the TV notable’s lips, calling her out for going overboard.

“What‘s going on with Kylie‘s lips in her newest IG pics?,” one fan commented.

Another fan slammed: “She can’t possibly think these lips are cute or attractive, what’s wrong with her.. I’m so grossed out.”

A third fan ranted: “Her lips are one step away from a prolapse…”

A fourth fan shaded: “Greasy pink eyes and 7-11 hot dog lips…Lol Kylie just stop. It’s getting embarrassing.”

Someone else noted: “Vertically her lips bigger than her nose.”


Fans have been attempting to discourage Kylie from continuing to pump up her pout after she shared some selfie videos on social media in early March.

Kylie’s followers begged her to slow down on her alleged plastic surgery and claimed her lips looked “botched.”

After Kylie shared some snaps from a vacation, her fans noticed that something was awry with the makeup mogul’s lips.

“Not the best angle for her migrated lip filler,” one wrote on Reddit alongside a zoomed-in screenshot of the pic.

“On second thought i think i’ll just let my top lip be small,” a second joked.

“It’s really a full circle moment that she looks like Kris did that time she had an allergic reaction in bora bora,” a third claimed.

Another laughed: “Sportin that beluga whale profile with her migrating lip filler.”

“I don’t know who is responsible for their PR or online accounts but they must not be their biggest fans,” a final fan trolled.

“A professional worth their money wouldn’t advise for such ridicule, so I guess they just do as they want and it’s a complete mess like their botched selves.”


Also in March, critics accused Kylie of looking the same age as her 42-year-old big sis Kim Kardashian after they posed in a selfie for Instagram together.

Though Kylie has only admitted to getting lip fillers, fans still feared she was secretly overdoing it with cosmetic surgery.

In the dimly lit boomerang-style Instagram Story, Kylie pouted her plump lips and stared down the camera with heavy under-eye makeup.

Both beauty moguls let their brunette locks flow as they then sang the lyrics to a pop song playing in the party setting.

Kylie’s jaw appeared exceptionally angular in comparison to other photos that showed off her youthful face.

Not all fans were in tune with Kylie’s look and felt whatever she’s doing aged her.

The video grooved over to Reddit where one harsh follower of the family wrote: “crazy that they look about the same age.”

“Omg eewww girl no,” accused another.

“Yah ok filming yourself signing along to lyrics was popular in 2020. Do something new. Give us something,” wrote a third with a yawn emoji.

“Stay still so that the filters don’t move!” a fourth unabashedly impersonated Kylie’s thought process and wrote.

Instagram/Kylie JennerMany critics are slamming Kylie’s enlarged lips and think she’s going to far[/caption]

Instagram/Kylie CosmeticsFans attempted to discourage Kylie from continually getting cosmetic work in March[/caption]

kyliejenner/InstagramMany fans ranted that her lips looked botched and she should stop pumping them up[/caption]

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