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Jeopardy! fans spot major error as they slam show for making mistake that is ‘never OK’

Jeopardy! fans spot major error as they slam show for making mistake that is ‘never OK’

JEOPARDY! fans have called out the game show after spotting an error during Thursday’s new episode.

Viewers have noticed a spelling mistake in one of the clues, and they’re begging the program’s writers to learn from it.

ABCJeopardy! fans called out an error during Thursday’s show[/caption]

ABCViewers noticed one of the clues didn’t have the correct spelling of the word ‘resume’[/caption]

About halfway through Thursday’s episode, reigning champ Brian chose the $1600 clue from the Latin Words and Phrases category.

The clue card read: “Meaning ‘course of one’s life’, it’s more extensive than a resumé & emphasizes academic achievements”

Aside from the comma placed outside of the single quote, fans also noticed that resume was spelled incorrectly.

While there are two different spellings of the word, Jeopardy!’s choice was not one of them.

One annoyed fan tweeted: “OH NO! On today’s board, there was an accent over the final E in ‘RESUME.’ 

“Um, no. The French spell it with accents over both of the Es….in English you can spell it with NO accents.”

They added: “But it is NEVER right to spell it with one!”

Another said this has been a mistake before, writing: “Today on #Jeopardy: the writers still have trouble with mismatched accents in ‘resume.’”

While the writers apparently didn’t get all of the spelling in the clue correct, contestant Brian was still able to have the correct answer.

Not only did Brian have the right response with “a curriculum vitae,” but he also went on to win the whole game with $25K.

This was his third day winning in a row, bringing his grand total prize money up to a little over $68K.

One viewer applauded on Reddit: “Brian, you were on fire today! Congratulations on another great game!”

Another person agreed: “Brian is starting to hit his stride. Massive Coryat score [a fancy term for one’s total without Daily Doubles or Final factored in] today!”

A third wrote: “Brian is doing fantastically well. That essential 4th win will put him in the upcoming Tournament of Champions if he gets it, and I hope he does!”

The reigning champ had quit and then subsequently rejoined Twitter after “jerks” compared his appearance to none other than Adolf Hilter.

After a tough few days, Brian tweeted ahead of his third episode: “I just want to say from the very bottom of my heart thank you all so much for the support.

This past week, I have seen the very worst of social media, but thanks to all of you. I have also seen the best.

“The good in this world greatly outweighs the bad, the problem is the bad have louder voices and unfortunately at times, better marketing.

But what really matters is that over the last three days I have gotten the opportunity to be on the greatest quiz show in the world, and I cannot say how long this ride goes.

But thanks to all of you. I realize that the ride is ultimately a good one.”

ABCStill, contestant Brian was able to come up with the correct response to the clue[/caption]

Jeopardy!He went on to win the whole game, marking his third win[/caption]

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