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GMA’s Robin Roberts calls out correspondent for ‘not being sorry at all’ after he quickly makes apology live on air

GMA’s Robin Roberts calls out correspondent for ‘not being sorry at all’ after he quickly makes apology live on air

ROBIN Roberts has called out a Good Morning America correspondent for “not being sorry at all.”

He made a quick apology live on air after he made a bad joke.

ABCRobin Roberts has called out a GMA correspondent on live TV after he apologizes[/caption]

ABCWill Reeve made a dad joke and his co-hosts laughed[/caption]

On Thursday’s show, Wille Reeve joined the show to report on the headlines of the day.

Deborah Roberts first started off the segment by letting everyone know that Chipotle was suing Sweetgreen over it’s Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl.

After Will went into detail about the lawsuit, he made a dad joke that had his co-workers cracking up.

“Much like the guac at Chipotle, the legal fees will be extra,” he said with a smile on his face.

Deborah, Robin, and George Stephanopoulos all cracked up at his joked.

“Couldn’t help it,” Deborah said.

“I’m sorry,” Will said. “Am I sorry?”

“No, you’re not!” Robin laughed. “That was good.”


GMA fans were thrilled to see Will back on their TVs this week.

He stepped into a new segment that fans were comparing to AL Roker’s famous segment.

Will led an appearance in an all-black matching athleisure outfit during a special segment on the April 5 edition of the morning show.

George introduced Will as part of the Walk With GMA segment.

Will then checked in from Central Park in New York City, where he helped the GMA crew celebrate Walking Day.

Will chatted with George while walking down the road.

He wanted to stress the importance of getting out of your home and getting your steps in.

However, morning show fans will know that walking segments were first made popular by Today host Al.

The famed meteorologist has been a longtime advocate of getting at least 10,000 steps in a day.

In 2022, he brought cameras along to document his 200-day walking journey and encouraged fans to get outside and do the same.

He has also done many interviews while walking with guests.


Meanwhile, GMA is trying to popularize their own walking segment with hunk Will- who is a journalist, speaker, and advocate for people with disabilities.

He is known for his work as a reporter and correspondent for ESPN and ABC News. He has covered a wide range of topics, including sports, business, technology, and health.

Fans were thrilled to see Will on their TV sets, and often cheer when he graces their screens.

They’ve called him “handsome” and “hunky” across various comment sections.

He isn’t always available for guest segments, but when he is, he causes quite the stir.


Previously, GMA fans were thrilled after handsome host Will Reeve joined the news desk this week.

The 30-year-old has ties to Hollywood with his famous dad, the late actor Christopher Reeve who played Superman in 1978.

And just like Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent, Will established himself as a journalist as he took a spot on the anchor desk on Thursday.

Reeve took an anchor role as the three main hosts – Robin RobertsMichael Strahan, and George Stephanopoulos – remain absent.

The 30-year-old interned at GMA before going to college, according to People.

Will then went on to be a broadcaster on ESPN’s Sportscaster and a correspondent for ABC in 2018.

The fill-in host also dabbled in acting after he lost both of his parents as a young child.

Robin, Michael and George have all been absent for the entire week.

Will stepped up to the desk for the first time this week and was joined by Whit Johnson and Juju Chang at the desk, who have both been on the show all week.

He has reported on the weather and other stories many times on the morning show.

GettyRobin was absent from the morning show on Friday[/caption]

ABCWill said that just like the guac at Chipotle, Sweetgreen would have to pay extra in legal fees[/caption]

ABCGMA fans love having Will on their TVs[/caption]

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