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Brit pop star finds love with new boyfriend – and she’s taking him on tour

Brit pop star finds love with new boyfriend – and she’s taking him on tour

MIMI Webb poured her heartache into hit album Amelia but things are now looking far brighter.

I’ve learned she has found love and taken her new boyfriend on the road, after suffering a devastating split last year.

Mimi Webb has got a new boyfriend and is dating her pal and DJ JP

Partner JP accompanied Mimi on her European tour last month

She is now dating a pal called JP, who also works in the music industry, and the couple are inseparable.

He accompanied Mimi on her European tour last month and is also at her side now she is playing the sold-out UK leg.

A source said: “It’s been a couple of months but Mimi and JP have totally fallen for each other.

“They met through work and know quite a lot of the same people, so it has been really easy. Mimi has been burned by relationships in the past but it feels different with JP. She is really happy right now.

“The fact that they are able to spend so much time together is a massive bonus.

“It’s amazing for her to have him around so much.”

Mimi, whose debut album hit the top five last month, was with her last boyfriend for more than a year before they broke up last summer.

That prompted her to write the single Red Flags, which has been in the Top 20 for the past nine weeks.

Before she kicked off the first night of her UK tour last week, Mimi, whose next show is in Liverpool on Monday, said she felt overwhelmingly happy at the reaction to her performances.

In a message to her fans on Instagram, she wrote: “I genuinely couldn’t be more grateful for this life.

“Happiness really is a gift worth working hard to receive and you guys are a huge part of that happiness.

“I’ve learnt so much touring, so far.

Mimi kicked off the first night of her UK tour last week in LiverpoolRex

“And I’ve learnt not just how to deal with touring — because I can be a little stresshead sometimes because I want to do my very best — but also I’ve learnt how grateful I am for the people in my life because I miss them so much.

“Forever grateful to be sitting in this life with you all, doing what I love to do from the core of my heart.”

Kim’s not Alone

US rapper Nicki Minaj recorded a verse for Kim Petra’s next single, Alone.

The dance tune is due out on April 21 and samples the Alica Deejay song Better Off Alone, which reached No2 in 1999.

It will be on Kim’s forthcoming debut album, expected to be announced in the coming weeks after three years’ work.

Kim said: “I’m excited about people hearing this music.”

Emily has a mix of Styles

IT looks like Emily Ratajkowski got dressed in a hurry with this choice of yellow trainers, babby green trousers and turquoise top.

But the model still managed to play it stylishly cool despite her dodgy outfit and she certainly has plenty of admirers.

SplashModel Emily Ratajkowski was spotted out in yellow trainers, babby green trousers and a turquoise top[/caption]

Emily was seen last month kissing Harry Styles in Tokyo

Last month she was seen kissing Harry Styles in Tokyo but has now insisted she isn’t dating anyone, and doesn’t plan on it.

She said in a new US interview: “I’m really not thinking about guys. I’m working, I’m a single mom.

“I’ve been so busy that it’s easy not to think about.”

But Emily added: “Sometimes things just happen.”

That girl Bree sure is living the scream

BREE Runway walked on stage to hysterical screaming, and admitted: “I’m about to cry, this welcome is a bit much for me.”

She has been building up a hardcore fanbase for years and her incredible stage presence meant the reception was justified.

Bree Runway’s high energy choreography and sassy lyrics make her an entertaining performerRex

Bree’s talent is in her performance, with high-energy choreography, sassy songs and brilliant staging to boot.

Singles That Girl and Hot Hot were the undisputed highlights, proving she has carved out a pop niche that needs someone like her.

Bree is only just getting the recognition she deserves and with shows like this, bigger venues beckon.

Adam under pressure

QUEEN are considering recording new songs with Adam Lambert.

It comes 32 years after Innuendo, their final album with Freddie Mercury.

Guitarist Brian May said on US radio: “We have dabbled a little. It is just that you haven’t heard any of it.

“It would have to be something so special that we would feel we would want to launch it on the public.”

Adam added: “It’s a lot of pressure if you think about it.

“If they’re going to put something out that’s new, it’s got to be at a certain level. It has to be the right thing. And I’ve always said, ‘Is it appropriate for me to be doing new material?’ I feel like it scares me.”

Kylie cuts tension

KYLIE Minogue won’t be moping on her new album despite being newly single.

I can reveal the as-yet untitled record, her 16th and first since 2020’s Disco, is jam-packed with empowering dance tunes.

GettyKylie Minogue’s 16th album is jam-packed with empowering dance tunes[/caption]

I reported in September that Kylie had made a secret trip to London to play her label a large chunk of the album.

Now the record is almost complete, with the visuals being shot in the coming days.

While the final track listing has not yet been locked in, songs Kylie has recorded include When You Love Someone, Hold On To Now and Tension.

A source said: “There’s a real sense of power and freedom across all the new songs on the album. It definitely feels like Kylie’s strong and empowered era.”

The Sun told in February that she had quietly split from her partner of five years Paul Solomons, after relocating from the UK to her native Australia.

Kylie is expected to embark on her first arena tour in four years to promote the record.

She was forced to scrap plans to tour the globe with Disco due to the pandemic.

In a return to form, she wowed fans Down Under last month when she headlined World Pride in Sydney.

On Wednesday, she released a collaboration called 10 Out Of 10 with Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens.

If that track is anything to go by, Kylie fans are in for a treat.

Babes’ fresh music

MUTYA Buena has teased Sugababes plan to release new music this year.

I told in December that record labels were fighting over them.

Former Sugababe Mutya Buena has teased fans with hints of more new musicRex

Now the singer, who is in the group with Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy, has said they want to perform fresh songs when they headline London’s O2 Arena on September 15.

In an exclusive chat, she said: “With The O2, I can’t give too much away but there will be some new tracks there.

“At this precise moment we’re just concentrating on the festivals first and then getting our O2 things together.”

They will play a raft of shows together this summer after reuniting last year and have insisted they are here to stay, having first formed in 1998.

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