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1000-Lb. Sisters fans spot new ‘sign’ Tammy Slaton has split from husband Caleb Willingham on TikTok

1000-Lb. Sisters fans spot new ‘sign’ Tammy Slaton has split from husband Caleb Willingham on TikTok

1000-LB Sisters star Tammy Slaton has fans convinced she split from her husband Caleb Willingham based on a telling detail in a new post.

The reality star raised eyebrows after she took to TikTok on Thursday to post a new video.

TLCTammy Slaton has fans convinced that she split from her husband Caleb Willingham based off a new post[/caption]

TikTok/tammyslaton2020Tammy posted a new TikTok where fans noticed she changed back to her maiden name on her profile[/caption]

TLCTammy tied the knot with Caleb in November 2022, just weeks after meeting at their Ohio rehabilitation facility[/caption]

In it, Tammy, 36, played with a filter on the app that showed her mimicking the appearance of the Disney character, Cruella de Vil.

She filmed herself with the filter, which added heavy dark eye makeup, a red lip, and partially gray hair, like the villain rocks in the kid’s film 101 Dalmatians.

A voiceover could be heard in the background commenting on the makeover: “So, they’re saying that nobody looks good with the Cruella de Vil filter.

“Darling, I beg to differ,” they added, imitating the character’s voice in the movie.

However, fans’ attention was more drawn to the name in Tammy’s profile, as it no longer said her married last name, Willingham.

Instead, the 1000-lb Sisters star switched it back to her maiden name, Slaton.

Viewers raced to the comments section to question the name change and wondered if it was a sign that she had split from her husband, Caleb, 39.

“No more Tammy Willingham?” one concerned fan wrote.

Others chimed in, asking about the TLC star’s relationship status with her new husband.

Just days earlier, Tammy addressed rumors that she was pregnant after her family voiced their concerns on the show’s latest season.

The 36-year-old laughed about the pregnancy chatter in a TikTok video, seemingly confirming that the rumors are not true.

But suspicions first arose after Tammy’s family questioned the reason for her and Caleb’s “shotgun wedding.”


Tammy and Caleb tied the knot in November 2022, just weeks after meeting at their Ohio rehabilitation facility.

A source previously told The U.S. Sun that Tammy “began dating Caleb in rehab” and that he proposed in the facility’s parking lot.

The lovebirds’ romance recently played out on the fourth season of 1000-lb Sisters, showing her family’s not-too-pleased reactions to their quickie wedding.


However, their reservations might have been warranted as The U.S. Sun recently revealed the newlyweds are experiencing some setbacks as they struggle with a long-distance marriage.

Shortly after saying, “I do,” Tammy left her Ohio rehab center to settle into her new Kentucky home, leaving Caleb behind.

A source has shared that tensions are building between the couple because of the distance.

Caleb planned to transfer from the Ohio center to a clinic in Kentucky to be closer to his new wife, although a few obstacles remain in the way.

He has to make arrangements with his insurance to cover the transfer, but a source has revealed Caleb hasn’t taken any initiative to do so yet.

The source claimed: “Tammy is sad her husband is not with her.

“She is frustrated Caleb has not made an effort to move to a facility in Kentucky from Ohio. They have been arguing because she feels he is not handling the transfer with urgency.”

Because of the full house, Tammy says she’s “pissed” that Caleb isn’t around to help out, according to an insider.

Tammy’s pal says: “She feels as if she is single again.”


Meanwhile, Tammy’s sister Amy, 35, is also going through a rocky time with her husband, Michael Halterman, 40, as the pair recently parted ways.

They’re currently going through a messy custody battle of their two children: Gage, two, and Glenn, nine months after Amy made explosive allegations over Michael’s allegedly violent behavior.

She has since moved out of their shared family home with her sons and is living with Tammy.

Michael MorettiA source recently told The U.S. Sun that Tammy and Caleb are struggling due to their long-distance marraige[/caption]

Instagram Tammy SlatonTammy’s sister Amy is also going through a rough time with her husband, Michael Halterman, as the pair recently parted ways[/caption]

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