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Vanderpump Rules fans beg Katie Maloney to ‘end’ Tom Schwartz at reunion after he makes ex-wife sob in ‘disgusting’ clip

Vanderpump Rules fans beg Katie Maloney to ‘end’ Tom Schwartz at reunion after he makes ex-wife sob in ‘disgusting’ clip

VANDERPUMP Rules stars Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney have had a massive blowout while at dinner in Mexico that ended in tears.

Katie and Tom went out to dinner while in Mexico for Scheana Shay’s wedding to celebrate that they sold their house after their divorce.

The fight between the old flames ended in tears

The dinner started off sweet while the ex-couple made a toast to closing on their house, to the memories they share, and to themselves.

He then told Katie that he felt “guilty” for not going to Scheana’s wedding welcome dinner, which he skipped to have this celebratory meal with Katie.

That’s when things started to go south, and Katie said she “felt bad” for “stealing” him away from the other dinner.

Tom then took the blame, but said, “You know, it’s almost funny in a way. After we divorced, I’m more apt to defend you.”

Katie immediately and wholeheartedly disagreed with him and brought up a situation that occurred in the previous episode where Tom was pitted against Katie.

He then accused Katie of abusing the “wife-husband card,” which apparently meant Tom was supposed to defend Katie any time she called on him.

She shot back that he never defended her and therefore she couldn’t have abused it.

Tom then said something Katie couldn’t believe. He said, “I was a great f**king husband.”

In a confessional, a producer asked Katie why Tom didn’t defend her more and her answer was simple but bleak.

She answered, “The only thing I could ever come up with was just that he doesn’t like me. He might’ve loved me, but he just didn’t like me.”

At the dinner, the real fight began. Katie accused Tom of gaslighting her, and then Tom went in and said, “You love gaslighting.”

Things quickly spiraled from there and Tom blurted out, “I think it’s better we don’t talk that much.”

Katie then began to ask whether or not they should talk at all or remain friends.

The waiter then comes and puts their food down in front of them, and as Katie was cutting her steak, she began to cry.

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