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Today’s Al Roker responds to fan concerns he’s ‘overdoing it’ with his workouts following major health issues

Today’s Al Roker responds to fan concerns he’s ‘overdoing it’ with his workouts following major health issues

TODAY star Al Roker has taken to social media to ease the minds of fans who are worrying about his health.

Al, 68, informed his concerned supporters that he kept his latest exercise routine low-impact amid his ongoing health battle.

Today star Al Roker attempted to ease his fans’ minds in a new post on Instagram

Al shared a snap of his step statistics on his Apple smartwatch

Fans were concerned about Al engaging in such strenuous activity amid his health struggles

The ABC personality shared a snap of his Apple smartwatch on his Instagram account, showing fans his step statistics on April 5.

On the face of the watch was the date, which was Tuesday 4 [April 4], the time, 8:38, and the number of steps Al took, 17,019.

Also the watch displayed his heart rate, 55 beats per minute, and the steps he walked converted into miles, which was 6.6mi.

The TV notable explained in his post’s caption that it “felt good” to walk at a “reasonable pace.”

“Yesterday felt good. And no, I’m not overdoing it. Walked at a reasonable pace,” Al wrote.

“But, it feels good to feel good and walking makes me feel good. And TODAY is #nationalwalkingday so get some.”

Given Al’s health struggles, people insisted that he take it even easier than he said he had, specifically his wife Deborah Roberts, 62.

“Slow slow,” Deborah warned; another fan cosigned: “Slow and Steady wins the race.”

Someone else noted: “Take it easy! Listen to your beautiful wife…”

One fan worriedly asked: “Hmmm maybe too far for you so soon?”


Other fans rooted for Al, uplifting him for completing such a long walk despite struggling with his wellness.

“Love seeing this and that you are doing things to make you feel good,” one fan expressed.

Another added: “Always so proud of you!! glad you’re doing what you can do and what feels good…”

A third fan exclaimed: “That is one big number! You are a rock star!”

Someone else declared: “Awesome! You’re such an inspiration to me!!”


Though Al’s health may appear restored, his battle still continues.

Late last month, he gave fans a worrying health update in a candid social media post.

Al uploaded another snap from his smartwatch, which revealed he had walked 11,184 steps – but that wasn’t the part of the post that alarmed fans.

Al also revealed that he’s due to undergo a major surgery soon.

The father-of-three captioned the post: “Before my left knee went south, a 10k+ step day was no big deal.

“Today was the first day, I felt good walking this much. But the knee replacement of this 22 year old knee replacement is just around the corner,” he added.

Al’s 916,000 followers were quick to comment on his photo and some even offered up their advice.

“Just do what you can (Without hurting yourself) but keep going!!” one person said.

Another told him: “Al, you’re an inspiration to so many of us!”

A third wrote: “Motion is lotion they say! Way to go Al.”

A fourth fan commented: “Way to get back in the saddle, Mr. Roker you are such an inspiration.”

Fans encouraged him to take things easy and not rush getting back to intense workouts

Even his wife Deborah Roberts encouraged him to take things slow

GettyOther fans praised Al for being an inspiration[/caption]

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