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Teen Mom fans slam Kailyn Lowry for ‘dangerous’ and ‘insane’ car seat decision for son Creed, 2

Teen Mom fans slam Kailyn Lowry for ‘dangerous’ and ‘insane’ car seat decision for son Creed, 2

KAILYN Lowry has faced backlash from fans after sharing a worrisome photo of her son Creed in his car seat.

The Teen Mom 2 star’s parenting decisions have frequently come into question over the last several years.

Instagram/kaillowryKailyn filmed her sons saying ‘good morning’ on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram/kaillowryFans noticed Creed was sitting in a car seat way too big for his size[/caption]

InstagramThey slammed Kailyn for the ‘dangerous’ decision[/caption]

Now fans have slammed Kailyn, 31, for strapping her son Creed into a car seat meant for a much larger child.

The reality star took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday to record a good morning snap with her two youngest kids.

The TV personality recorded her son Lux, five, yelling: “Good morning Instagram!” while his little brother Creed sat pouting in his car seat.

The two-year-old snapped a “shh” to his brother before giving the camera a moody look.

But fans were much more concerned about Creed’s position in the chair, as it seemed to be much too big for a child of his size.

The bottom of the headrest began at the top of his head instead of at the nape of his neck, creating a safety hazard.


Several took to Reddit to accuse Kailyn of poor parenting and slam her for the major mistake.

“I’m a new mom for a year now so I’m still learning, but is the headrest supposed to be this high from the child?” one wrote alongside a screenshot of the video clip.

“I seriously do not understand why people f**k around with car seat safety. That is your child. The most important thing in your life. Why risk it?! It’s rather easy and simple to install the correct seat the correct way. They even include a little book with them you can read! Its crazy,” a second ranted in reply.

A third scathed: “Ugh. I have this car seat so it pisses me off even more because I know how easy it is to adjust it. It’s also convertible so it can be rear-facing, which he should still be positioned that way. Headrest down, straps lowered, chest clip a little higher.

“I’m not some sanctimommy, but it is literally your child’s life we are talking about! Wtf?! Why wouldn’t a mother want to take every precaution- ESPECIALLY something that can be so simple?!”

“No. This car seat does not fit this child,” a fourth agreed, while a fifth explained: “Headrest is much too high, straps are too high, chest clip is low.”

“So dangerous,” a final put shortly.


Kailyn is no stranger to criticism regarding her parenting methods, and late last month she was slammed for complaining about needing to buy her kids’ school clothes after returning from a lavish vacation.

The reality star ranted over the task on a recent installment of her Coffee Convos podcast.

During the episode, Kailyn shared her gripes about public school not being “free” and how she’s spent a hefty amount on her sons’ clothes to meet their school’s “dress code.”

“The amount of things that get sent home for costume-type of outfits and dress codes for certain events and things like that…I have so many children,” the Teen Mom 2 alum began.

She then detailed how she forked over more than $150 on two of her sons’ wardrobes to meet the school’s “specific” request for an event.

“We don’t have those things,” the mom of four explained.

Kailyn then revealed that her sons “don’t participate” in most of their school’s special dress-up days because they generally lack the required clothes.

“I’m not doing this. I’m not doing this for all my kids. If my kids want to do it, I will do it, but it’s not really in the budget because I don’t have some of those things laying around,” the MTV alum complained.


Fans quickly bashed Kailyn on an online thread for her remarks with one writing: “Kail always acts like she doesn’t have money but they don’t seem to be hurting.”

Another argued: “Don’t rob your kids of a fun experience because you can’t be bothered to put in any effort.

“She’s got all the money in the world for the shit she wants, obviously it’s not really the money that’s the issue. It always has to be about Kail.”

A third questioned: “Why would you buy new clothes for spirit days? Half the fun is creating a costume out of stuff you already own and getting wacky with it!”

Kailyn shares son Isaac, 13, with her ex-Jo Rivera; a son Lincoln, eight, with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and sons Lux, five, and Creed, two, with her ex-Chris Lopez.

She is also rumored to have quietly welcomed a fifth child in November with her boyfriend, Elijah Scott, 24, though she has not confirmed the news.

Instagram/kaillowryKailyn complained about buying her sons clothes for school[/caption]

TikTok/kaillowryShe recently returned from a lavish vacation in Thailand[/caption]

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