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Legendary 90s pop group reveal bitter rivalry with boyband – and they’re still furious about it now

Legendary 90s pop group reveal bitter rivalry with boyband – and they’re still furious about it now

POP stars B*Witched have claimed that the boyband Five were “really horrible to them” back in the day.

The two groups rose to fame in the 90s and often crossed paths – but it seems they didn’t always get on.

PA:Press AssociationB*Witched. (L-R): Adele Lynch, Lindsey Armaou, Keavy Jane Lynch and Sinead O’Carroll[/caption]

PA:Press AssociationEdele said the boyband Five weren’t very nice to the group[/caption]

Spilling the beans on Vicky Pattison’s The Secret To podcast, Edele Lynch said:  “They [Five] used to be really horrible to us.

“Like we’d be in like dressing rooms next door and they throw their beer over – like the bottles and everything!”

Edele was in the group with her sister Keavy, Sinead O’Carroll and Lindsay Armaou.

While Five, who formed in 1997, was made up of  Ritchie Neville, Sean Conlon, Scott Robinson, J Brown and Abz Love.

B*Witched, who are well loved for their debut single C’est La Vie, recently reunited and released a new single to mark their 25th anniversary.

At the height of their fame, the Irish group were mingling with A-listers.

Edele revealed:  “We had so many opportunities [to party]. So, you know, you’re at the Brits. We’re touring with NSYNC and Brittany […]

“We were in the Met bar one night with Will Smith, and you’re just kind of chilling, having a couple of drinks.

“Then we say “Yeah, we gotta go. We’re up at like 4am tomorrow. So nice to see you! Take care”. […]

“One time when we got on really well with Destiny’s Child. And I remember Beyonce going like, “Oh my god, girls! Oh my god, you’re here! It’s just amazing. We haven’t seen you for ages. Right, let’s go out tonight. This is where we’re staying…”, and we were like, “We can’t we’re flying to Vegas in the morning”.

The group have recently reunitedRex

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