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Khloe Kardashian critics ‘can’t cope’ with distracting detail in background of bathroom pic with friend Olivia Pierson

Khloe Kardashian critics ‘can’t cope’ with distracting detail in background of bathroom pic with friend Olivia Pierson

KARDASHIAN fans have been mocking Khloe’s latest social media post after spotting one glaring detail.

Khloe, 38, took to Instagram on Wednesday and posted a snap of her and her pal Olivia Pierson at Malika Haqq’s birthday party last month.

Instagram/khloekardashianKhloe Kardashian fans have been mocking the wallpaper in this photo of her with Olivia Pierson[/caption]

jenniferhudsonshow/InstagramThe 38-year-old looked lovely in a skintight dress for a television appearance this week[/caption]

In the photo, Khloe and Olivia are cuddling up to one another in a bathroom as they both grin for the camera.

Mom-of-two Khloe is dressed in a sparkling silver mini dress with criss-cross lace-up detailing at the sides.

Meanwhile, Olivia is covered up in a brown fluffy coat as she hugs Khloe’s waist as she towers above her.

However, it was the floral wallpaper behind them that had Khloe’s followers distracted.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the decor.

“The subject and wallpaper combo has sent my head west,” one person admitted.

Another wrote: “the way I thought it was a huge shower curtain,” while a third said: “Great.. but seriously…Who wallpapers a bathroom?”

Others commented on how the wallpaper looked “so British.”

“Which British hotel you at hun?” one person asked, while another said: “British girl night out photo aesthetic.”

“how British is this wallpaper,” someone else said, while a different fan wrote sarcastically: “Stunning wallpaper love.”

Referring to a discount department store in the UK, another commented: “That’s a B&M wallpaper if ever I’ve seen one.”

The comments come after Khloe made an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show this week.

The reality TV star joined the actress for a chat about the upcoming third season of The Kardashians as well as her relationship status.

But many people were distracted by Khloe’s face as images emerged of her on the show that appeared to have not been filtered.

One person shared them on Reddit and said: “Eeeek, how depressing for her when she catches a glimpse of her face without a filter.”

Others quickly commented on the thread and shared their thoughts as one person wrote: “Her face is both too tight and too loose at the same time.”

“It will never not be sad that she thinks this looks better than her natural face,” a second commented.

A third person admitted: “This may be the worst I’ve ever seen her look,” and a fourth observed: “She looks like she’s melting. Wow.”

Someone else claimed: “Wow … this photo really shows how much filler she has. They don’t even realize how bad this looks either.”

And another person commented: “She looks really old here. She’s another Kylie, looking older than their years because they messed with their faces too much,” referring to Khloe’s younger sister Kylie Jenner.

A different Reddit user said: “I feel like she had all this plastic surgery to get her face sized down to be more like her sisters only to add implants and filler that made her face bigger??? I wish someone had told her to stop.”

The comments come after fans begged Khloe to show the “real” her last month.

BackGridKhloe wore a sparkling silver mini-dress to Malika Haqq’s birthday party in March[/caption]

Chris Millard/Warner Bros.The reality TV star appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show this week[/caption]

instagramKhloe has been accused of heavily filtering her photos and ‘abusing’ the FaceTune app[/caption]

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