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Kardashian fans call out Kylie Jenner’s ‘extra fake’ chest in plunging cut-out dress amid rumors she ‘got a boob job’

Kardashian fans call out Kylie Jenner’s ‘extra fake’ chest in plunging cut-out dress amid rumors she ‘got a boob job’

FANS of The Kardashians have called out Kylie Jenner’s chest looking “extra fake” in a plunging cut-out dress amid the rumors that she “got a boob job.”

A fan shared a gif from a recent episode of The Kardashians and mentioned that Kylie’s boobs looked “extra fake” in the outfit she was wearing.

HuluKylie Jenner fans believe she got a boob job[/caption]

HuluFans call Kylie’s boobs “extra fake”[/caption]

Instagram/Kylie JennerKylie revealed that she’s only received lip fillers[/caption]

During the clip, Kylie was shown wearing a long-sleeve skin-tight black dress that showed off some of her chest.

The way her boobs looked got fans talking.

“They are gigantic,” a fan exclaimed, “And speaking as a gigantic boob haver, natural boobs that size ain’t that perky.”

“Extra fake,” one questioned, “This has unlocked a new level of fakeness.

“They’re each the size of her head,” claimed another.

“Yeah they look like rubber,” mentioned a third.

“Super fake,” stated a fifth.


Back in February, Kylie posted a video of herself in a bright blue bikini that left little to the imagination. She was also using one of her Kylie Skin products.

However, fans believe that the Hulu star’s boobs have gotten smaller.

“Did Kylie get a breast reduction? Seems as if she only got her bolt-ons to resemble Ro, and since the Travis ship has sailed she doesn’t need them anymore. They really go above and beyond for the most shabby men,” one wrote, opening up the conversation

“She got an obvious boob job when she was 18. This is probably her third set of breast surgeries,” a second agreed.

“I can’t believe human body can handle this much narcose and butchering,” a third admitted.

“She has whatever is on trend right now. Get boobs, trend changes, get em removed, new trend, get em again , new trend, maybe upside down boobs next time… who knows they’re all gross,” a fourth slammed.

“How are they not scared of all these procedures it’s crazy,” a fifth admitted.


The mother-of-two has been accused of indulging in too much plastic surgery, even though she confessed she only got lip filler.

However, in recent pictures, fans couldn’t help but wonder what’s different about the 25-year-old model.

Kylie wore a white fluffy dress, a shaggy oversized coat, and large black fabric draped around her shoulders in a series of pictures.

She remained poised and gave a cold model smolder at the camera.

Her makeup appeared minimalistic to match with the simple black-and-white theme while the wild fashion pieces made the pictures pop.

Although her minimalist makeup look was different from what fans normally see Kylie modeling in for her Kylie Cosmetics line, her fans still insisted there is something off about the new pics.

Kylie’s jaw appeared exceptionally angular in comparison to recent photos of her youthful face.

Her lips also looked extremely full and plump, even with the natural makeup.

Fans flocked to an online forum to discuss their opinions.

One fan slammed: “Always overdoing it [on plastic surgery].”

The same fan guessed: “Either filler or implants in that jaw?”

Another fan exclaimed: “What in the filter-plastic surgery is going on here?”

Yet a third asked: “Has her jawline always looked that sharp?”

However, a fourth fan countered and proposed: “Could be photoshop too.”

Although other fans had qualms over different facial features of Kylie’s.

One fan critiqued: “Now if only they would deflate that top lip a little…”

A second harshly stated: “It’s like her eyes are an endless void.”

InstagramKylie is the mother of Stormi and Aire Webster[/caption]

Instagram/ kyliejennerFans believe Kylie is “overdoing it” with procedures[/caption]

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