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GMA’s Michael Strahan mysterious whereabouts revealed as star resurfaces in new photo during morning show absence

GMA’s Michael Strahan mysterious whereabouts revealed as star resurfaces in new photo during morning show absence

GMA’s Michael Strahan has shown up in a new snap, where he can be seen golfing with a pal while missing from the morning show.

Michael, 51, has been away from Good Morning America for some time.

GMA host Michael Strahan made an appearance on Instagram after being gone from the showGetty Images

However, Michael isn’t the one who shared the photo of where he’s been latelyInstagram

While he’s been gone, fans have been asking where he has been.

Now they can rest assured, at least in one instance, as Michael has shown up on Instagram, of all places.

But Michael isn’t the one who posted a picture of himsef.

Lowekey CEO and tech entrepreneur Gregory Lowe II shared a photo of himself with Michael to Instagram.

He captioned the snap: “Enjoying a round of golf and trash talk with my big bro,” punctuating it with an emoji wearing sunglasses.

In the photo, Michael is standing alongside his friend clad in the perfect outfit for golfing.

He’s wearing a dark blue print golf polo, khaki shorts, and sneakers.

He topped off his look with a ball cap and sunglasses.

Michael is standing with both hands atop his golf club with his friend Gregory to his left, dressed similarly.

Currently, the Masters Tournament, a premier major championship for professional golfers, is going on.

The event will be taking place through April 9.

It seems that Michael has just been getting into the golfing spirit while he’s been away.


Meanwhile, Michael has remained absent from Good Morning America and fans are demanding to know where he is.

He recently shared a cryptic picture that left fans wondering.

On Wednesday evening, Michael shared a photo to his Instagram.

It featured a field with the sky and clouds above it.

The moon was so bright behind the clouds that it looked like the sun was setting.

“Full moon tonight! So bright it looks like the sun,” he captioned the post.

Although some fans were commenting on how beautiful the sunset was, others were asking Michael where he has been.

“Where have you been? Missing you in the morning on GMA,” asked one follower.

“That’s beautiful where are you? Miss you and your beautiful smile on GMA,” asked another.

A third inquired: “Michael, I’m missing you on GMA. When are you coming back on? You are truly missed man.”

“Not here in NY so where are you. Not GMA,” commented a fan.

“We miss you on GMA Stranny!!” said another.

“We missed you on the show this week,” added one last fan.


Michael has been absent from the morning show since March 27.

He has not given any explanation for this absence and did not add a location to his recent post.

However, the former footballer has been sharing multiple projects during his time away.

Rebecca Jarvis and Lara Spencer filled in for him during his first week out.

Al Roker‘s wife, Deborah Roberts, has been sitting in his chair this week.

It is not clear when Michael will be back or where he currently is.


While Michael has been away, he has been working on and promoting other projects.

On Monday, he announced that his Michael Strahan Skin and Shave brand will now be available at Target.

Fans could previously buy it at the product’s website, Amazon, Rite Aid, and CVS.

“Take care of that SKIN baby!!! Proud to share @michaelstrahanbrand skin and shave is NOW available at TARGET.COM!! Let’s go! #StrahanSkin,” he shared in an Instagram video.

In the video, Michael sat in his GMA dressing room.

He wore a button-up shirt and dress pants as he put his products into a cosmetic bag.

The voiceover in the video started: “I always bring my skin and shave routine to work. Of course, I do.”

“My face is just as important as my fitness or my outfit.”

Michael continued: “Alright, it’s made with clinically proven activated Silk technology for sensitive skin because I’m a sensitive man.”

“You know where else it’s going to be? Target.com, baby.”

He ended: “So, get on there and give yourself the gift of Strahan-like skin.”

The video ended with Michael giving a thumbs-up and then pointing to the camera.


Michael also announced another project away from GMA on Monday.

He posted a video to his Instagram letting everyone know that he was hosting American Football Trivia.

In the video, the host led a series of True or False questions, which fans could vote on.

After the correct answer came up, the GMA host was back on the screen.

“Thanks for playing this trivia with me and if you enjoyed that, you’re going to love our podcast, American Football, on Audible, or wherever you get your podcasts. Check it out,” he ended.

Michael appeared in a friend’s photo, and could be seen in golfing attireGetty Images

Fans have been begging Michael to return while he’s been awayInstagram

However, it looks like he still isn’t set to return just yetABC

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